Google I/O 2018: 5 big announcements for Apple iOS

Google I/O is Google’s biggest event of the year, giving users a preview of the company’s new technologies, features, and skills. This year’s event officially kicked off on May 8 and will end on May 10. At the event, Google is showing the world that it’s not just about Android and the search engine, as there are other exciting things you should care about.

This year’s event marks a huge focus on apps and personal assistants like Maps, Photos and Google Assistant. Google introduced a lot of changes to its apps while expanding the usefulness of Assistant. Google’s move aims to take on Apple Siri and Amazon Echo on the market, attracting more users worldwide.

If you are a big fan of Apple, then some of Google’s new announcements may interest you. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of 5 Google I/O 2018 announcements you should care about. For some background, Google I/O 2018 event takes place in Mountain View, California and will run through May 8, meaning that we are so close. Make sure you catch up with the latest news from the event.

  1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the highlights of Android, offering users more options to interact with apps. Google’s personal helper has received mostly positive reviews from users worldwide since the launch day, thanks to its advanced features. The company has been working on improving the Assistant, expanding its presence in other platforms.

At this year’s I/O event, Google Assistant took the center stage. The company introduced a ton of useful features to its virtual helper. One such feature lies in Duplex. Basically, Google Duplex adds more advanced features to the Assistant, like making phone calls and scheduling appointments.

Google Assistant now includes support for 6 new voices (both male and female), offering you more options to interact with apps. Another new feature is Continued Conversation. As the name implies, the feature keeps your conversation flowing. In other words, the Assistant will give you more time to give a command.

Google Assistant has been available on the iPhone for a while, meaning that those features will hit iOS. It seems that Apple has a lot of work to do to improve Siri this year.

  1. Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the leading photo-sharing services out there. The service has been around since 2015, giving users an unlimited storage for photos and videos. Google Photos is getting better every year, with exciting features. One such feature lies in the ability to recognize faces and landmarks.

At this year’s event, Google added several new features to its photo-sharing service to improve the user experience. Now, when you are viewing a photo in Google Photos, you will get suggested actions in the bottom. In other words, the feature will give you editing options to make photos a lot better.

Tech experts say that Google Photos will receive more features in future updates. One such feature lies in the ability to colorize black and white photos. With those feature coming in Google Photos this year, it’s time to switch sides.

  1. Google Lens

Last year, Google made waves by announcing Google Lens, a perfect tool for recognizing objects. Google Lens was initially debuted for Pixel phones and we were still expecting a wider rollout. At Google I/O 2018, Google announced that Google Lens will hit more phones this year while getting new features.

According to Google, Lens will be able to scan a picture and find similar things. Besides, Lens’ optical character recognition (OCR) is getting smarter, giving users more options to interact with objects. Google Lens is now officially on iOS, allowing users to identify objects in pictures and show more details about them.

  1. Gmail

Gmail is the number one mailing service out there. Google’s mailing service is getting better every time Google releases new updates. At this year’s event, Google introduced a huge update to Gmail.

Gmail gets a new feature called Smart Compose. As the name implies, the feature gives you suggestions while you are writing an email. However, Google has not specified when the features hit Android and iOS.

  1. Google Maps

Apple Map is getting better and smarter, but Google Maps still tops the list. Google has been adding new features to its Maps app on a semi-regular basis to offer a better user experience. At this year’s Google I/O event, the company revealed a lot of new features for its mapping service that makes navigation much easier.

One of the biggest additions lies in a new Explore tab. Basically, the tab automatically shows you nearby events and activities. Another new feature is Group Planning. As the name suggests, the feature lets your friends vote for the best place for dining right inside Google Maps.

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