Games For Mac That You Should Try in 2020

Compared to Windows, macOS is not really a good operating system for gamers. This is due to the incompatibility with several games and the lack of hardware customizations. However, it doesn’t mean that you will get a terrible gaming experience on your MacBook. In fact, there are dozens of high quality and well-optimized games that you can find. Here are 3 games for Mac that you should try in 2020

Bioshock Infinite

The Bioshock series is one of the few blockbuster games that are optimized for Mac. The trilogy is famous for its breath-taking graphics, well-written characters, as well as alluring stories. Bioshock Infinite is the third and last game in this series. Unlike a lot of sequels out there that ruin a whole franchise, this game inherits all the best things from the previous games but still has its own unique features.

If you explored the mysterious sea in the past version, this sequel breaks away from the ground entirely and takes us to a floating city – Columbia. The city is founded on the worst excesses of American exceptionalism. You will have to face thrilling battles, solve difficult puzzles, interact with various NPC, and unveil the secrets behind this “floating heaven”. What makes the game even better is that it incorporates the real-life issues of America in its stories.

You can get Bioshock Infinite on STEAM starting at $22

Arkham City

Personally, the Dark Knight himself is my most favorite DC superhero. Therefore, I have played thousands of games on different platforms about Batman since I was a kid. Batman: Arkham City is an amazing open-world beat-em-up game. It captures all the fantasy of being the Dark Knight himself better than any game before it.

You will have the chance to investigate cases, stop crimes, fight villains, and protect the Gotham citizen. This is the first game that allows players to glide and use grapples to swing across the rooftops of Gotham City. Apart from fighting with fists and weapons, you can take a different approach to take down your enemies, Stealth.

The Game is available on STEAM for 19.99$


The Greeks Mythologies are always an interesting topic for gaming. Made by Supergiant, the studio behind fan-favorite indie games such as Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre, Hades also revolves around the theme of Greek mythology, though from a very strange, very different perspective. You will play as Zagreus – the son of Hades, who is trying to escape from hell and prove himself to his father. During his adventure, Zagareus fights different monsters, interacts with the god of Olympus, collects and discovers the truth about his identity.

The rogue-like gameplay is what makes this game great. In the game, Zagreus takes on hordes of colorfully animated undead in randomly ordered rooms. At the end of each room is a boss. With unlimited possible combinations of rooms, each escape attempt will be completely different. And don’t worry, you will DIE a lot in this game. But every time Zagareus comes back, you can upgrade him, learn from mistakes, and proceed further next time.


Hades is available on Epic Store and STEAM for $12.5

These are the 3 games for Mac that you should try in 2020. Do you have any other recommendations? Let us know in the comments!

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