Siri, the Apple virtual assistant on iPhone/iPad help you save a lot of time and do a range of task from making a simple call or searching for more complicated things. I know many of you here rely on this assistant and find it difficult when Siri encounters problems. If you are also having trouble with Siri to give commands, and cannot get Siri to work at all, this post will help you fix that.

Solutions to Fix Siri Not Working on iPhone

Solution 1: Speak clearly

 If Siri does not understand your voice, it cannot do your task. So, if you choose to use a virtual assistant, you should speak clearly. Siri will work the best with requests like “What’s the weather like today?” or “Make a call to Dave”

Solution 2: Restart your iPhone/iPad

Performing a restart can help you fix a number of small issues like cellular connection or Wi-Fi connectivity, which are two main causes that prevent Siri from working properly.

Solution 3: Check your network connection

If Siri says “Sorry, I’m having trouble with connection” or “Try again in a while,” there might be a problem with the network connection. Make sure your iPhone/iPad is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network to re-activate Siri.

Solution 4: Make sure Siri is turned on

Another way to fix Siri not working on your iPhone is to manually enable Siri so that the assistant can get a refresh. Try to toggle Siri off and back on to restart the assistant.

Solution 5: Check for Siri restrictions

Make sure you do not set up any restrictions on your iPhone/iPad which can block Siri on your device.


Solution 6: Enable Location Service

Siri requires your location to answer your questions correctly about the weather, restaurant, and other locations. So, you will need to enable Location Services for Siri so that the assistant can work properly.

Solution 7: Toggle Airplane Mode on and off

Simply toggle on Airplane mode, wait for about 1 minute, then toggle it off. This might help to refresh radio functions, including Siri.

turn off Airplane mode on iPhone

Solution 8: Ensure Siri is Set to the Correct Language

If you want Siri to understand what you are speaking, you need to set the correct language in your iPhone settings.

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Solution 9: Disable/Enable iPhone Dictation

There might be some problems with Siri caused by your iPhone’s dictation. This tool can send the voice input to Apple so that it can process your request. So, you should try to toggle dictation off and then turn it back on.

disable iPhone dictation

Solution 10: Update Your Device to the Latest Version

You should keep your iOS device up to date due to weird things, even the mess with Siri assistant. So, you should install the latest iOS update on your iPhone/iPad and try to use Siri again.

update iPhone to iOS 12.4

Solution 11: Test the Microphone on Your Device

Sometimes, Siri cannot respond to you if the microphone does not work. If so, you should remove your case, which can cover the microphone and then use Siri again.

If it does not help, connect the Earpods or Airpods to your iPhone and check whether Siri responds, If there is nothing, the issue might be on your phone’s hardware. You should contact Apple Support for further help.

Solution 12: Have a Check with Siri’s Servers

You can go to the Apple Support System Status website and check whether Siri is encountering problems on Apple’s end. If it’s that, then you should wait until Apple fixes the issue.

Solution 13: Restore Your iPhone to its Factory Settings

If none of the methods above helped you, then the last resort to fix Siri not working on your iOS device is to perform a settings reset that you have previously created in your iPhone to return the default settings. This reset can get rid of the issue within the system that causes Siri not to work properly.

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