Finding a Good Data Recovery Software for Mac

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing a data recovery software to retrieve lost or deleted files from your computer or mobile device. After hunting high and low, we’ve come across an ideal utility for you. But let’s see how it compares with the criteria we used to pick the best one.

About EaseUS Data Recovery Software

The winning application is the EaseUS utility. This robust tool ranks high in several categories, as you will see. We’ve picked what we felt were the most important criteria when making a purchase decision, and EaseUS passed with flying colors.


In terms of pricing, EaseUS rates high because subsequent upgrades to new versions are free. Moreover, the free edition hasn’t been severely limited on the functionality front, as is the case with a lot of downloadable software. The freeware version offers nearly all the features that the premium versions do, but with some restrictions. It’s good enough to get a feel for the software and decide whether to upgrade.


Ease-of-use is a key driver of software popularity, and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac 11.8 delivers in that respect. New features make it even easier to filter and search for deleted or corrupted content by cutting down scan time and focusing on more specific folder-level scanning.

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The fact that the UI is well-planned and UX is nicely designed and executed helps present a neat interface with intuitive controls. Simply select the scan locations, choose between quick and deep scan options, preview the recoverable files and hit ‘Recover’ to get them all back.

Data Security

This is a key aspect of any data recovery software. Can it assure the integrity of your data? EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac 11.8 does this very well, and even offers options to store your data securely. We’ve seen other Mac data recovery utilities that can get back the data, but there’s no guarantee that the files won’t be corrupt once recovered.

Deep Scanning Capability

The deep scan function can take a while, especially if you’re scanning your entire drive or a high-capacity storage medium. However, it did the most thorough job compared to others. Certain files that were overwritten and could not be recovered with other tools were easily found by EaseUS. This Mac data recovery utility seems to have much stronger search functionality that most of its peers.


This is one of the software’s biggest strengths. Not only does it work with all major desktop and mobile operating systems, but is also offers a separate email recovery tool that’s really useful when native email tools stand by in mute silence. In addition, it can recover data from a wide range of storage media and under various circumstances, such as recovering from Time Machine backups, from lost partitions, from formatted sectors and even in cases where the document or file is inaccessible with other tools. In terms of storage media, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac covers everything from SD cards to external drives and pen drives, and from camcorders to servers and RAID arrays.


Another major feature is the ability to export and import scan results. In effect, it can give anyone a snapshot of your storage media, which is useful when getting help from an expert. In addition, the free version allows you to recover up to 2GB of data, which is quite a lot if you only need it for things like word documents, pdf files and other lightweight files. And the upgrade options are available from directly within the software so you can get a lifetime license or subscription at your convenience. You also get free tech support with the free version, which most software makers can’t afford to offer on their freeware products.

Most of the other software we tested had major weaknesses, such as not being compatible with certain storage media types, not having true deep scanning capabilities and so on. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac 11.8 not only offers all this and more, but it also supports the latest macOS Mojave, which was released less than a month ago.

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