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iPadOS 14 is here with some new improvements for the already elite operating system for the iPad. Let’s face it, last year when we first saw iPadOS, it really was a huge change. And in a good way as it refreshed an otherwise neglected OS. iPadOS 14 has some features that are the same as what we covered in our iOS 14 review. But there are some exciting new features that improve iPadOS further than before.


Apple has taken full advantage of the large canvas that the iPad has to offer. Some of the core elements have been redesigned and streamlined to help increase your productivity in a much easier way than before.

Redesigned Widgets

As with iOS 14, there has been a huge new redesign to widgets. Now you can move widgets from your today tab and have them integrated onto your Home screen. you can also change the size of them to find the right size for the right widget. This is the biggest change to the Home screen in a long time and it’s a very welcome one. You can even add a Smart Stack of widgets. This feature uses on-device intelligence to show the right widget at the right time of day for you.

App Design

A number of Apps have also had a recent update to their design. There are new sidebars and pull down menus that let you quickly access more App functions without having to switch between different menus. This is especially useful when browsing photos or files without having to wade through a bunch of menus to get what you want.

Compact Calls

As mentioned during our review of iOS 14. The iPadOS 14 also comes with the compact calls feature. Usually when you get a call, it jumps up on the screen and distracts you from what you were doing. Fortunately with compact calls you can easily see who’s calling without interrupting whatever you’re working on. If you don’t have time for the call, simply swipe it away and continue working. In other words, it’s never been easier to ignore incoming calls!

New Search Features

As with calls, there’s now a new compact search design. This also allows you to stay focused on your main task whilst being able to open Apps or search the web with just a tap. Personally, I would use Siri to help me out with that. I’m sure this feature is good for a lot of people though, just my personal preference. Still, it’s nice to have the option.


iPadOS 14 new feature, Scribble

This is definitely the most interesting feature for an Apple Pencil lover like me! With Scribble, you can keep working without putting your Apple Pencil away. As if the Apple Pencil wasn’t already useful enough, now you can write by hand in any text field and your words will automatically be converted to text. But wait, there’s more!

iPadOS 14 new features

you can also “scribble” out a word to delete it. As well as circling a word to select it. this makes note taking a load easier. And speaking of Notes, there’s new scribble features for Notes too. You can now select handwritten text in exactly the same way you would for typed text. iPadOS 14 will cleverly distinguish between shapes and written text for you which means you can interact with them differently. You can also copy handwritten text and paste it as typed text. There’s also shape recognition, so if you are drawing a basic shape and want to neaten it out. All you need to do is keep your Apple Pencil still after you’re finished drawing and scribble will smooth out those wobbly lines. Procreate users will already be familiar with this feature, but it’s nice to also have that feature on Notes.

AR Kit 4

If you’re an owner of the latest iPad Pro. Then, thanks to it’s LiDAR scanner, you are in possession of the best AR experience on the market. And now you can place AR experiences at specific geological coordinate so you can view them without even leaving your house!

Honorable Mentions

note the new face mask covering (not compatible with Face ID!)

There’s a ton of new stuff coming to iPadOS 14 and some of which we’ve already covered in our review of WWDC 2020. So here are some of the other features that we will see with iPadOS 14.

  • New updates to Messages including new Memojis
  • Huge update to Maps including new cycling routes and EV routing
  • New update to the Home App. Including new features for accessories
  • Safari has new updates making it the world’s fastest tablet browser
  • AirPods receive new Spatial Audio to give you surround sound
  • Siri has become more compact with a ton of new functions

The Verdict

On the surface, I was a little underwhelmed by this year’s WWDC. But as we are diving deeper, I’m incredibly happy with it. Especially with all the new iPadOS 14 features. It’s nice to see everything in store and i cant wait to test out Scribble in every way that I can!

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