Essential iOS Apps for Travelling Business Professionals

For business professionals who travel often, the right iOS apps can help them to do this smarter and save money. For modern business travellers, good Internet connection and these apps are essential for them:


iOS apps

For business travellers with more flexible schedules, Skyscanner will track prices and notify them about the cheapest time to reach a destination. All they need to do is to specify the departure and destination points. There will be a list of cheapest places to fly, which is useful when choosing which place to go first for business trips.

XE Currency Converter

There are many iOS apps for currency exchanges, but XE Currency Converter isn’t only useful for converting regular purchases, but it’s also good for major business transactions. This app gets real-time exchange rate, giving business professionals better information to make decisions. All you need to do is to type in the amount of currency and quickly convert it to other currencies. There is also historical graph of the exchange, giving you an idea of the overall volatility of a currency.

iOS apps

Accommodation is important for any traveller and after a long flight, anyone needs a comfortable room to crash for the night. For an extended business trip, professionals can stay for a week or more in an affordable hotel in the area. They can save money and ensure comfort, by choosing the right room with affordable charges. There’s also a user review section to find out about the quality of service.


Most people use only Google Maps for navigational service, but Maps.Me offers many more. For any intrepid business traveller, Maps.Me offers unbeatable convenience. If there’s no reliable Internet connection in an area, you can still get offline information about points of interest, city guides and directions. It is easier to find popular street food stalls or lesser-known landmarks.


For longer business trips, it is better to choose AirBnB than This app offers affordable accommodation in the area, if you need a week or more to complete a project. Some rental apartments may offer significant discounts, for longer stays. Unlike regular hotels, you may get a kitchen, a couple of rooms and other amenities.

Google Translate

Although it’s fairly easy to memorize some words and phrases, you will need Google Translate for more comprehensive communication. Picking new words will be much easier and faster, allowing you to socialize better with locals. In regions that don’t use Latin alphabet, like Far East and Middle East, you can use the camera to get direct translations.


During business trips, you may not only go to cities and towns, but also rural areas to visit mining sites, hydroelectric plants, plantations or other projects. Wikiloc allows you to record small trails and find them again later. It’s less likely to get lost, if certain small roads or paths are available in Google Maps or other mapping services.

Trabee Pocket

Many business travellers need to track their spending, so it’s easier to get reimbursement later. The app allows travellers to set a budget for any place they visit. You can categorize various expenses, like food, accommodation, entertainment, medical costs and others. The app also tracks real-time currency exchange to ensure more accurate budgeting.

Ride-sharing apps

Ride-sharing is more convenient and affordable than renting cars for multiple days. It is easy for business travellers to get around with these apps. Uber are popular in North America and Europe, while Grab is recommended in South East Asia. Check the region for best ride-sharing apps to use.

Instant messaging

Instant messaging is more convenient than text messages and emails for quick exchange of text-based communication. These apps also allow voice and video calls, if people use the same app. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Line are popular instant messaging services, depending on the country or region. There are also other iOS apps that offer the same service.

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