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Each week we will be reviewing one of our favorite games from Apple Arcade. There’s a lot to choose from and this week we shall be reviewing EarthNight. EarthNight is an arcade style game. Similar to games like Jetpack Joyride, you have to run through the levels picking up collectibles along the way to improve your power ups.

The Design

This game immediately drew my attention. It’s a completely different style to the norm which gives a refreshing look to an old style of genre. You descend from your ship onto the back of a dragon, dodging different forms of monsters along the way as you sprint towards the head of the dragon to deliver the final blow. Once all of that is done, you begin free-falling to find your next victim. The game is simple enough and the controls are easy. The game recommends using a controller, but I found just using your device is still quite comfortable.

All of this is great, but to top it off, the soundtrack is incredible! I think its fair to say that the same amount of thought and energy went into the soundtrack as with the illustrations. They’re both incredible, I cant decide which one I prefer more.

The Characters

There are two characters to choose from. The difference isn’t huge, but they offer different abilities that can determine how you want to play.


Sydney, was quickly evacuated from her school to the cargo ship that is your HQ in this game. Whilst aboard, she opened a strange jar that should’ve poisoned her but instead gave her a powerful bond with an ancient spirit.

She has a more aggressive play style than Stanley. Being able to climb up on the map quickly with her double jump ability as well as descending down on enemies as well.


For Stanley, the threat of eviction and his fears of moving back into his mum’s house were quickly eradicated as he saw a giant dragon flying past his window.

For me, Stanley is my favorite to play as. He cannot jump as high as Sydney and he can’t stand up to monsters as easily either. However, he has two different kinds of jumps; a long jump and a high jump. This makes weaving through the levels challenges a little more interesting for me. And as you progress through the game and unlock more upgrades, you can double jump too as explained below.

Practice Makes Perfect!

So for quite a while, as with all these auto-runner games, you’re going to fail. On my first run, I only got halfway across the dragon. Later on, I discovered that the first dragon was just the first of many. But don’t worry, there’s a way to make your life easier.

Throughout each dragon (level) there are a total of three dragon eggs of different shapes, sizes and color. Collecting these eggs will unlock temporary power ups that appear throughout the level. For Stanley, a new sword means he can slash his way through some enemies. For Sydney, a loaf (yes, a loaf) can power up the ancient spirit with her to create a similar effect. At the end of each level, you have a chance to kill the dragon and claim it’s tooth for even more power ups. How to kill the dragons? Well, that’s for you to work out. We won’t spoil it for you!

The Verdict

EarthNight is a very enjoyable arcade game to play. It breathes new life into a genre that I used to love playing but eventually got bored of. It is a game that I know will take me a long time to fully complete. Fortunately, the way it is designed means there are still some mysteries to the game that keeps me enticed enough to keep playing until I have solved them all.

I highly recommend this game. For the casual gamer, for the hardcore gamer, for any member of your family. It ticks all the boxes.

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