5 Must-Have Creative Apps For Your Apple Pencil

Our guide to the best apps for you

Whether you’re an architect or an artist, the Apple Pencil is an absolute must for your iPad. But which apps are the best with the Apple Pencil? Here’s a list of our top 5 must-have creative apps for your apple pencil.

#5. Goodnotes 5

Price ~$7.99

Goodnotes 5

Goodnotes 5 is, by far, the front runner for note taking apps. It’s similar to Goodnotes 4 but without any bugs and a ton of improvements. I think the main competitor for Goodnotes 5 is Notability, however, Goodnotes 5 stands far superior. having said that, Notability does have the ability to record which Goodnotes 5 does not, however, if that was featured in a future update, then there wouldnt even be a competition between these two!

#4. ProCreate

Price ~$9.99


ProCreate is one of the most powerful digital sketching and painting apps out there. Sadly with most leading design apps, it is quite complicated to use, but once you’ve climbed it’s steep learning curve, you’ll see that it was well worth the climb! The main thing that I truly appreciate with this app, is there is zero lag whatsoever while drawing, which, surprisingly, is something I haven’t experienced on many other drawing apps. If you’re looking for a serious drawing app, then this is the one for you.

#3. Linea Sketch

Price ~$4.99

Linea Sketch

It would be unfair to compare Linea Sketch with ProCreate, but if you’re looking for a cheaper, simpler drawing app, then this one is for you. Even though it’s cheaper, it doesn’t mean that it’s lesser quality. It has less customizable features and yet, it is incredibily versatile. Designing a new logo, storyboarding an upcoming movie or just sketching some new characters? You’ll find all of these very easy to accomplish with this app.

#2. LumaFusion

Price ~$19.99


LumaFusion is the leading video editing app for your iPad, Adobe Rush is a close competitor but LumaFusion is still superior. The smart layout of the app makes you feel like you have tons of space to work with, whereas some other apps can feel quite cluttered after a while. I would even say this app is usable on an iphone with the space given. At first glimpse, it seems like it’s quite simplistic, but once you know your way around the app, you will see all the different features available to use. I would recommend doing a tutorial so you get the most out of this app.

#1. Paper

Price – Free

If you’re new in the editing business or just want to see what these apps are all about, then paper is the app for you. Considering that this app is for free, Paper offers a lot, not quite as much as it’s premium counterparts, but enough for you to discover your talents!

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