Uninstall Silverlight Mac OS X

Uninstall Silverlight Mac How To

Silverlight was Microsoft’s alternative to Flash, which they made available for Mac as well as Windows. However Microsoft announced that they were to discontinue and stop … Read more

Uninstall Flash Mac

Uninstall Flash Player Mac

You can Uninstall Flash Player on Mac OS X by following the simple steps in this up-to-date guide for uninstalling Flash Player Mac. Flash is … Read more

Symdaemon OS X Symantec

Symdaemon Using Mac OS X CPU

What is Symdaemon Mac OS X? Symdaemon is a background process which is part of the Symantec™ Antivirus software for Mac, and also the Symantec™ … Read more

How to Lock Mac Screen

How to Lock a Mac Screen

If you’re leaving your Mac unattended in the office or another public place, you’ll probably want to lock the Mac screen so that you have to enter … Read more

Tutorial: How to Insert Watermarks in Apple Pages on your Mac

Insert Watermark Apple Pages Mac

Watermarks are useful for legal documents or other sensitive documents that you may want to mark as confidential. Typically a watermark is large faint text in the background, with a low opacity so that the content above is still readable. This step by step guide will tell you how to insert watermarks in Apple Pages.

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MacBook Pro Battery Life

MacBook Pro Battery Life

The batteries on newer MacBook Pros (MBP) are not removable by the user (although they can be removed by a certified Apple technician, or indeed … Read more