Can You Play Fall Guys on Mac in 2023?

Fall guys

Fall Guys is a popular free-to-play battle royal game where players have to complete obstacle courses faster than others. It’s a fun game with very low system requirements. It could run on a potato!

The question is, “Can you play fall guys on Mac?” there are a few options we can explore.

Can You Play Fall Guys on Mac?

Unfortunately, you can’t play Fall Guys on Macs because there is no official version of Fall Guys for MacOS.

Fall Guys is only playable on Intel Macs by using Bootcamp or Parallels to create a virtual Windows machine.

Macs running Apple Silicon can’t run the game, even with a virtual machine running Windows. Fall Guys uses anti-cheat services that are not compatible with the M1 hardware and virtual Windows machines.

In some cases, you can open the game on your Mac, but it won’t connect to the internet. A warning that says “Anti-cheat is not initialized” could appear too.

Apple Gaming Wiki also reported Fall Guys is unplayable on CrossOver and Parallels. 

But there are a couple of other options…

How to Play Fall Guys on Apple Silicon

The only way to play Fall Guys on Apple Silicon is to use a cloud streaming service. There are a few options available for you, not all of which are free.

Bear in mind, most of these options require a controller. 

Steam link (Stream PC to Mac)

For this option, you need to own a PC or laptop capable of running the game.

What’s interesting about Steamlink is it supports non-steam games too. You need to add the non-steam game, in this case, Fall Guys, to your Steam Library.

To use Steamlink to stream PC to Mac, download Steamlink on your Mac and connect it to your Steam account.

Steam link works on the local network as well as through the internet.

So if you’re travelling with your Mac, you can stream games to it from your PC through Steamlink.

Another option is Moonlight, but it requires an NVIDIA GPU.

Boosteroid (Cloud Gaming)

Boosteroid is a relatively new cloud gaming platform that can run through a web browser. It’s similar to Google’s Stadia. The games run on their servers, so you don’t need a PC or console.

It’s not free, and there’s no free trial, but it could be worth playing around with for a month.

Fall Guys is available on Boosteroid (you need to link your gaming platform accounts) and you can play it with decent frames. The input lag is surprisingly good too.

Just remember, Boosteroid is only available in a few select regions, although more should be coming soon. Check if your region is available before you sign-up!

You also need a decent internet connection with a speed of at least 15 Mbps.

Since Stadia is shutting down, Boosteroid is a good alternative.

Is Fall Guys on Xbox Cloud Gaming?

Unfortunately, Fall Guys is not available on Xbox Cloud Gaming and you can’t use Xbox Remote Play. Xbox Remote Play allows you to stream games from your Xbox to other devices.

Technically, it may be possible to install Parallels, download the Xbox app, and then use that to remote play on your Mac. But it’s a bit unnecessary.

Xbox Remote Play doesn’t work because MacOS doesn’t have an official Xbox app.

However, you can use Xbox Remote Play to play Fall Guys on your iPhone it iPad, using the IOS Xbox App. And then you could use AirPlay to mirror your phone’s screen to your Mac.

A quick tip: For a budget gaming machine, consider buying an Xbox Series S, the little brother to the Series X.

It costs almost half the price of the Series X and it can run Fall Guys with absolutely no issues.

And it’s much cheaper than a gaming PC.

How to Play Fall Guys on Mac on Intel-Based Macs:

Fall Guys runs on Intel-based Macs with Boot Camp Assistant. You need to install Windows 10 using Bootcamp, launch Windows, and download Fall Guys.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download Windows 10 ISO 
  2. Launch Boot Camp Assistant on your Mac
  3. Open the Windows ISO
  4. Create a partition for Windows (at least 100 GB)
  5. Wait for the Windows installation to complete
  6. Your Mac should restart and automatically boot into Windows (you can change this later)
  7. Update all the latest drivers (specifically for Intel)
  8. Download Fall Guys (from Epic Games or the Microsoft Store)
  9. You should be able to play it online

The problem here is that Intel-based Macs use integrated graphics which are not great.

Intel-based 2019 Macs should be powerful enough to run Fall Guys at around 60 FPS, at 1080P, and with every graphic setting on low.

However, older Intel-based Macs will struggle to achieve a playable framerate. Of course, if you have a Mac from 2016 or even earlier, I wouldn’t even bother because the frame rate will be too low.

What about Parallels or Crossover on Intel Macs? In my experience, if you have an Intel-based Mac, the best option is to use the built-in Bootcamp tool. The performance is much better.

The other software is only really necessary for programs that are not compatible with Apple Silicon (M series).

Why Is Fall Guys Not on MacOS?

It’s unclear exactly why the Fall Guys game has not been ported to MacOS. The main theory is that the developers, Mediatonic, simply don’t see the need to port the game to MacOS.

The Mac user base is not large enough to make it worth their time. Besides, the game is already highly successful on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, and PC.

The new Apple Silicon Macs have the hardware to run the game, but the software is not compatible.

Another reason could be that Mediatonic was bought by Epic Games and Epic is still in a legal battle with Apple.

The Bottom Line

To summarize, Fall Guy doesn’t work natively on MacOS and virtual Windows machines also can’t run it. If you have a PC, you can try Steamlink.

Otherwise, you’re only option to play Fall Guys on Mac is Boosteroid, a paid cloud gaming service.

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