Can Tablets Replace Laptops?

A laptop is still the number one choice for those who are looking for a on-the-go computer . On the other hand, tablets often are used for entertainment only. However, as the technology industry is developing rapidly, tablets have become more powerful and versatile. Some even overpass the standard laptops in terms of work rate. So the question is: Can tablets replace laptops?

Currently, there are no correct answers to this question yet. It will really depend on personal opinions. We have made comparisons in some key features of the tablets and laptops to help you get your own answer. Let’s check them out.


Tablets’ prices start at just 199$. Meanwhile, cheapest laptops typically cost $200 – $300. Both kinds of devices can cost up to thousands of dollars in their highest tiers.

To be fair, the high-end tablets give us a pretty good performance but they are nothing compared to laptops in the same price range. In other words, the price-to-performance issue will depend a lot on the specific products you compare. At a higher price, laptops will perform better than tablets.

Input Method

This one of the most obvious differences between tablets and laptops. Tablets rely mostly on the touch screen interface as the entry point for all input data. This input method is extremely useful when you perform tasks related to pointing, dragging, or navigating through a few programs. However, when it comes to writing, the virtual keyboards are not as handy as the physical keyboard on laptops. Tablet users can also use an extra Bluetooth keyboard if they want a laptop-like experience. However, it will increase the cost and reduce mobility, something we love about a laptop.


Popular tablet sizes on the market are from 9 to 10 inches with a average weight of about 700 grams. However, you can also easily find models with a smaller screen at about 7.8 inches with a weight of approximately 450 grams. Laptops are usually thicker and heavier than tablets. This is due to the keyboard, touchpad, and other complex hardware components that come with a laptop. Therefore, regardless of size, tablets are always lighter and easier to carry around than a laptop.

Battery Capacity

Tablets typically have super-fast boot-up times and better battery life than laptops. A high-quality tablet can even last 10 hours of working before it needs to charge. Laptops feature stronger hardware to process more complicated programs. As a result, they will consume more power and drain their battery faster than tablets do. On top of that, modern tablets now feature fast-charging technology. This allows you to quickly re-charge your device. This is something a laptop cannot do at the moment.


Most tablets have ROM memory limited to between 16 and 128GB. For more storage, you need to rely on a cloud storage or an expansion card. Meanwhile, most laptops still use the traditional hard drive HDD, which is slower but offers more storage capacity. In addition, laptops can be equipped with an additional HDD or SSD for storage expansion and faster loading speed. They also support USB/Flashdrive, which grants them some extra space.


Tablets can easily handle your daily works or entertainment needs. Of course, you can play games, write an email, watch your favorite Shows, or read an e-book on both kinds of devices. Tablets are falling behind when it comes to handling demanding works like video editing or high-res video rendering. This makes sense as a laptop has better specs than tablets.

In fact, high-end tablets like the iPad Pro or iPad Air can handle pretty complicated tasks. But what makes the laptops win in this round is that they can handle multiple tasks at the same time.

The Verdict

Once again, it is very hard to answer the question: Can tablets replace laptops? Each side has its own advantages and disadvantages. Tablets offer more mobility and easier access. Meanwhile, laptops have more processing power and larger storage.

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