Can I Charge iPhone 14 with An Old Charger?

Apple has started shipping iPhone models without a charger and EarPods within the box since the days of the iPhone 12. The main idea behind Apple’s move is to reduce package waste. 

The company’s newest smartphones, including the iPhone 14 lineup, will not include wall adapters in every box, leading to an immediate question: can you charge the iPhone 14 using the old power adapters? We will help you find out in this article.

Can I Charge The iPhone 14 With Old Charger?

iPhone 14 and Lightning port

The short answer is YES. Apple has not fully transitioned its iPhone lineup to USB-C, which typically provides faster charging and data transfer speeds. The iPhone14 still ends in a Lightning connector, so you will be able to charge your new iPhone with an old iPhone charger. However, you will not get the maximum charging speed, as most old iPhones only support a 5W charger. 

How Can I Charge My iPhone 14 Fast?

Most newer iPhones support MagSafe and are compatible with Qi wireless charging pads, allowing a faster-charging speed of up to 20 W, which is very slow compared to some Android devices out there that can charge at speeds of up to 120W.

MagSafe on iPhone

If you have a Qi wireless charging pad or the MagSafe connector, use it to get the maximum charging speeds on the iPhone 14. Most Qi-compatible devices can charge your iPhone at 7.5W via a supported wireless charging pad. The MagSafe connector now costs $39 in the US for the charger and 1m USB-C integrated cable.

Alternatively, you can buy a 20W power adapter to charge your iPhone 14 at the maximum speed. 

Does MagSafe Work With Older iPhones?

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The answer is YES. The MagSafe charger is compatible with older iPhone models that support wireless charging (iPhone 8 or newer). However, you will not be able to snap the charging dock into the back of your iPhone, as those older models do not have the magnetic feature. 

The Bottom Line

Using your old charger to charge Apple’s latest iPhone models is possible, which should come in handy for long-time iPhone users. However, the only problem is that most older iPhones support 5W charging, thus slowing down your charging speed. You can use a 20W power adapter or the MagSafe charger to get the maximum charging speed. 

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