Top 5 camera tips for your iPhone

Apple iPhone serves as a perfect tool for taking photos and shooting videos. The Cupertino company has been working on improving camera system on its iPhone since the day one. With the release of the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple first introduced dual camera setup, with two lenses side by side.

Last year, Apple launched the iPhone X with a lot of camera improvements. The iPhone X’s camera comes with the same f/1.8 aperture found in 2017 iPhones, but the telephoto lens has been much improved to offer better picture quality.

Shooting pictures on iPhone is pretty simple, but there are a lot of tips and tricks to make your photos even better. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best camera tips for your iPhone. Before we begin, most of these tips may not work on iPhone and iPad running older version of iOS. Therefore, it’s a good idea to update your device.

  1. Lock the focus

Locking the focus ranks among the first things to do if you want to get more details. Most of today’s smartphones include the ability to automatically lock the focus. However, there’s a little tip that helps you better capture your objects.

All you need to do now is to press a finger on the object you want your camera to focus on. Following this method, your iPhone’s camera will automatically lock the focus and then you simply hit the shutter button.

  1. Adjust the lighting level

With a modern iOS version, you can easily improve the lighting of your photos, without the need for a third-party app to be installed on your device. To do this, fire up the camera app on your phone, then tap to focus and then slide your finger up to change the lighting. This comes in handy for those who want to brighten their photos with low-light areas.

  1. Blurred effects

Shooting photos with blurred effects has been around for years, with the help of high-end cameras. However, you can get blurred light effects on a modern iPhone model now. Apple now offers users a wide range of options to make your photos look like a pro.

To capture a photo with blurred light effects on iPhone, fire up the camera app, and lock the focus. After that, remove your hand from view and you should notice that your background is now blurred. To reduce the exposure, just simply slide your finger up or down

  1. Panorama

Panorama is a great camera feature, allowing users to capture a wide view of a landscape. However, panorama is just about taking your phone from left or right, as there is a little tip that helps you master panorama mode. To get a better panorama on your iPhone, hit the directional arrow to start, then hit the shutter button and you are good to go.

  1. Slow-motion mode

With a modern iPhone model, Apple introduced a new slow-motion video mode. To shoot slow-motion video on your iPhone, you can follow our steps below.

Step one: First off, launch the camera app from your home screen and then swipe from left to right until you see the Video mode

Step two: Hit the Record button and then tap the Stop button to stop the video

Once you are done, head to the gallery and tap the edit button. After that, adjust how much of the video you wish to slow down.

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