5 Best YouTube Downloaders for iPhone

Although the most legit way to download YouTube videos on iPhones is by purchasing a YouTube Premium, there are still a few apps that can help you do the trick. So, here is our list of the best youtube downloader apps for the iPhone this year.

Cloud Video Player Pro (Free)

Cloud Video Player lets users download videos from any site and saves them easily on their device with just a few taps. On top of that, Cloud Video Player Pro also supports different video formats like .m3u8, which is Dailymotion’s downloading format. However, note that this format can’t be transferred to the camera roll on your iPhone. Thanks to Air-play, you can play the downloaded videos on other Apple devices as well. Overall, this app is a great tool if you need a free video downloader for Apple devices.

Video Fly Lite (Free)

Video Fly Lite is one of the best video downloader apps for iOS that is specially designed for Youtube. So, if you open the app on your iPhone or iPad, it will go to YouTube automatically. Then, what you have to do now is choose a video and download it by simply tapping on “Save video”. Besides that, Video Fly Lite also allows you to create your own playlists in the background.

Downloader Pro for iPhone ($2.99)

Like its name, Downloader Pro is more significant than other competitors by offering more features. Also, the app possesses its own browser, giving you more privacy when surfing because your search history will not be saved. 

On top of that, Downloader Pro also gives you the option to save videos in different folders and put a passcode on each one if you like it. Furthermore, your saved videos can also be transferred to the camera roll on the iPhone. In case you want to use wireless data to download, the app supports over 25MB/s on a 3G connection.

Unfortunately, the only drawback here is this app isn’t free. But, at only $2.99, we think it is worth considering to give it a try here!

iDownloader (Free)

iDownloader is probably the most powerful video downloader app for iPhones. And, the app is totally free! So, whether it is a document, audio files, or video, iDownloader can help you save it on your iPhone easily. So, now you can download videos from other sources than just YouTube. Moreover, the built-in browser of iDownloader allows you to download more than 50 videos at the same time.

Snappea Online Downloader (Free)

Snappea is a little bit different from all other downloaders on our list. This is a revolutionary tool with the ability to download online YouTube videos. Whether you are on your PC or smartphone, simply go to Snappea’s official website and paste the link of the Youtube video you want to download. Wait for a few seconds then it’s done!

Additionally, you can search for your desired YouTube video and music content by typing a relevant keyword on the website too. Snappea offers different formats (MP4/MP3) and resolution options from 360p to 1080p. And, it is a 100% free platform that doesn’t require any login information.

Have you tried any app in our best YouTube Downloaders for iPhone yet? Let us know about it in the comments! 

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