Best Netflix tips and tricks for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Netflix is one of the leading streaming services out there. With Netflix, you can stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and TV series to your smart TV, game console, mobile, Mac, and more. What sets Netflix apart from its rivals in the industry lies in its original series, like Defenders, Daredevil, the Umbrella Academy, and more.

Netflix has some hidden tips and tricks that make your streaming experience much better. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best tips and tricks for Netflix on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Before we proceed, we recommend you update your app to catch up with the latest fixes and features.

  1. You can drop a Like in Netflix

Netflix now allows you to rate your movies or TV shows with a simple tap. To do this, select a movie you wish to watch and you should see two options including Thumbs Up and Down. Once you finish watching your show, then hit either Like or Dislike button. Your move helps Netflix sort your feed and then recommends movies or shows you may like.

If you don’t see the option, then make sure you update the app. If the problem still persists, then update your iPhone or Mac. Keep in mind that the app may not work on an older version of iOS or macOS, so it’s a good idea to keep everything up-to-date.

  1. Manage profile

Netflix supports up to 5 users at the same time. This is pretty useful as you can share your account with friends and family. However, keep in mind that everyone has their own taste. Netflix is fully aware of that and lets you create 5 different profiles. To do this, launch Netflix on your device, then click on your profile picture at the top right corner and hit Manage Profiles. From here, hit Add Profile and select your favorite movies and TV shows.

  1. Create your own list

When you first set up your profile, Netflix allows you to add movies to your list. If you skipped this step, don’t worry as you can create a list at any time. The process is super easy as you simply click on the My List option next to the Play button. The coolest part is that you can manage your list like removing or adding a new one. To do this, click on My list at the top, then hover over your mouse to re-arrange or remove a title.

  1. Clear your viewing history

If you want to add an extra layer of privacy to your account, then you can easily get rid of your viewing history. To do this, open Netflix on your device, then click on your profile at the top right corner and select Account from the drop-down menu. From here, hit Viewing activity and then hit the Hide icon.

  1. Request a movie or TV show

Netflix allows you to request a movie or TV show you may like. To do this, open Netflix on your device, then click on your profile at the top and hit Help Center from the pull-down menu. From here, click on Request TV shows or movies, then select your option and hit Submit Suggestion to complete the task.

  1. Customize subtitles

Netflix supports a variety of subtitles, ranging from English and Spanish to Chinese and French. The coolest part is that you can customize subtitles so you won’t miss any important lines. To do this, open Netflix on your device, then select Account and hit Subtitle Appearance. From here, you can customize fonts, background color, and font size.

  1. Disable autoplay

Netflix automatically plays the next episode if your current episode comes to an end. While this may come in handy for some users, others may find this annoying. If you happen to sit in the latter group, then you can turn off auto-play. To do this, launch Netflix using your web browser, then click on Payback Settings under the Accounts section. From here, uncheck the option next to Play next episode automatically.

If you rely on a Mac to watch Netflix movies or TV shows, then there is a load of keyboard shortcuts that enhance your experience. For instance, press “F” to quickly enter a full-screen mode or use Spacebar to pause/play. To mute your video, simply hit the “M” key.

These are the best Netflix tips and tricks for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. If you have got another tip, then let us know in the comments below.

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