Best Monitors for Older MacBook Pros

Are you looking for the best monitor for your older MacBook Pro? Maybe your screen just isn’t what it used to be and you’re looking to connect it to a great monitor or you might just want to work on a larger screen. If that’s the case, read on as we uncover some of the best monitors for older MacBook Pros that we’ve found on the market today.

HP VH240a 23.8-inch Monitor 

Best for: all-round use

The HP VH240a 23.8-inch Monitor is a great all-around monitor for older MacBook Pros. At 23.8 inches, the monitor is perfect for everyday use. It’s not the biggest screen in the world but its height can be adjusted and the screen can be rotated 90 degrees for optimal viewing. One of the issues with connecting your laptop or MacBook to monitors is lag however this monitor has a response time of 5ms so you’ll get a stunning and fluent experience.

This monitor for your older MacBook Pro isn’t just a well-built machine but you can also attach it to your wall if you so wish to. The backlight is bright and lasts up to 30k hours and with 2m pixels, you can be sure you’ll always have a sharp image on the screen. The aspect ratio is what you’d expect at 1920 x 1080 but it can be tuned down to 640 x 480.

BenQ 709 PD3200U 32-inch 4K UHD Monitor

Best for: productivity

The BenQ 709 PD3200U 32-inch 4K UHD monitor is going to be the best monitor for older MacBooks in terms of work and productivity. With a crisp 4K screen and unparalleled color, this monitor is going to be great for those who illustrate or do animation work. The screen can be used in DualView mode which means you can use it as if you have two monitors next to each other which are also great for working on two projects at the same time. This only increases productivity for those who work on professional and complex tasks. 

Like the HP VH240a, the BenQ can be adjusted to suit your needs and can also be rotated. It’s also larger than the HP VH240a at 32 inches. Due to its size, it is worth noting that it’s quite a bulky screen that you wouldn’t be able to move around very easily so we would recommend you to buy it with a view of keeping it in one place.

ViewSonic VP2458 24-inch Monitor

Best for: budget

Best Monitors For Older MacBook Pros

If you have an older MacBook and you just want a very basic monitor that does a good enough job, then the ViewSonic VP2458 24-inch monitor is the answer. It’s reasonably priced and has a rather good 60Hz screen that is full HD. There’s no 4K here but if you’re not interested in playing games at their fullest resolution or you’re not doing professional work, you’ll be happy with this monitor. At 24 inches it’s a decent size and it would make the perfect monitor for casual internet browsing or social media use.

Like all the monitors on our list of best monitors for older MacBooks, the ViewSonic VP2458 can be adjusted to the right height and titled for eye comfort.

LG 34WL850-W Ultrawide Monitor

Best for: multi-tasking

This ultra-wide monitor is a dazzling 34 inches of display. The ultra-wide monitor allows for two additional windows to open at standard laptop dimensions, effectively tripling your screen real estate. If you’re someone that uses a lot of apps, you can pop open picture-in-picture mode, allowing you to have several on the go at once. This is the perfect monitor for those who multi-task. With a QHD screen, you’ll get a fantastically sharp viewing experience and 5ms in response time – no lag at all. The colors thanks to the IPS screen are bold so if you work with the art of any kind, you’ll get real-life color accuracy.

Best Monitors For Older MacBook Pros

The monitor also comes with Thunderbolt 3 input and output ports so you can transfer data up to 40GB per second. This monitor is going to set you back a little more than the other monitors on our list but it’s a worthy investment if you want to view your Apple products on a highly polished screen you’ll cherish as much as you do your MacBook Pro.

LG 27UK850-W Monitor

Best for: gamers

Best Monitors For Older MacBook Pros

Another LG monitor on our list is the LG 27UK850-W Monitor which we think would be best suited for gamers. At 27 inches, this monitor retains its impressive 4K sharpness as you game. With this monitor, you’ll also get 5ms in response time so your gaming experience won’t be interrupted. The monitor also has built-in support for AMD FreeSync, which reduces tearing and image lag on LCD screens like this one. Gamers will also find this monitor attractive for their old MacBook Pros because of the Black Stabilizer mode which enhances dark scenes in games and the Dynamic Action Sync. This is a very responsive monitor and comes with super-thin bezels so you’ll find yourself fully immersed in your game. 

It’s not the largest screen for gaming but we think it’s worth the price. You’ll also want to get a good headset because the built-in speakers leave a lot to be desired. Aside from that, this is a worthy monitor for your old MacBook if you want to play games.

Best Monitors For Older MacBook Pros: The Verdict

So there you have it, depending on what you want to use your old MacBook for, there’s a great monitor out there for you. With a variety of prices and features, we hope this list gives you a good idea of what you should be looking at for your older MacBook Pro.

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