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Apple Mac is a great lineup of computers and laptops. Macs have been on the market for years, serving as a useful tool that meets your basic and professional needs. Apple Mac shines among its rivals out there thanks to its excellent performance and optimized macOS. If you switch from Windows to Mac, then it may take some getting used to.

In reality, you can run a lot of Windows apps on your Mac without the need to buy a copy of Windows. Indeed, Apple has been adding a barrage of Windows apps and software to its macOS in recent years, one of which includes Office. Last year, Microsoft announced Office 2019 for both Windows and Mac, delivering the most productive and most secure Office experience.

However, Office for Mac lacks some features that power users may use like Accessibility Checker, SharePoint integration, or Right-to-Left Language Support. Thankfully, there are a slew of Office alternatives for Mac out there.

In this article, we made a list of the best Office alternatives for any Mac user out there. Before we proceed, we highly recommend you update your Mac to access new features and changes.

  1. Google Suite

Google Suite is one of the best alternatives for Mac. Basically, Google Suite includes Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides that offer similar features to Microsoft Office, Excel, and PowerPoint. The coolest part is that all your documents are stored in Google Drive, so you can access them across all devices. Also, you can quickly share your text files or presentations by tapping the Share button.

Google Suite includes better support for third-party add-ons, which helps extend its functionality. Indeed, you can get more presentation templates or visual effects to spice up your slides. Plus, another great feature is that Google Suite supports Office files. Indeed, you can quickly import your Office files and convert to Google Docs files. This comes in handy as you can continue your work even when you don’t have a genuine copy of Microsoft Office.

  1. LibreOffice

LibreOffice is an open-source alternative to Microsoft Office suite. It’s is widely used among third-party developers and receives mostly favorable reviews. LibreOffice features a simple, appealing user interface, making editing your documents much easier.

The coolest part is that LibreOffice suite comes with a bunch of pro features you may expect from an office app, from the ability to insert charts or bars to sharing options and third-party add-on support. If you are a big fan of Microsoft Office, then it won’t take you long to get to grips with how LibreOffice works. LibreOffice is free to download and supports multiple platforms. You can download LibreOffice for Mac from here

  1. iWork Suite

iWork Suite is a great Microsoft Office suite that comes pre-installed on every Mac. The suite is a better option for Mac owners who don’t want to install a third-party app on their machine. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are the three alternatives to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

If you are used to Microsoft Office, then it may take some getting used to. Indeed, the user interface is pretty different from what we always see in Microsoft Office, as you should find your editing options from the side menu.

However, iWork Suite still lacks a few important features that make Microsoft Office more capable. One such feature lies in customization options. Indeed, you may not find what you need here. Basically, iWork Suite can meet your basic needs, but it is a step down when compared to Microsoft Office.

  1. Quip

Quip has been out there for years and serves as a great tool for creating living documents. Quip offers a full set of tools including chat, docs, spreadsheets, and slides. With Quip, you can share your documents and task lists with your friends. The coolest part is that Quip includes the ability to import your files from Dropbox, Evernote, or Google Drive. Quip also includes real-time chat and messaging, making collaboration much easier. Quip now supports the iPhone and iPad, meaning that you access your files across all devices.

These are the best Office alternatives for Mac. If you have got a favorite, then share with us in the section below.

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