Top 5 macOS High Sierra tips and tricks

This year, Apple has added the word “High” to its new version of macOS. However, that doesn’t mean that nothing major is changing. With macOS High Sierra, Apple has improved a lot of things in macOS Sierra, while introducing some small addition to the operating system.

macOS High Sierra comes with a lot of little things that add up to a much better user experience. Overall, your Mac will be faster and more stable after the update. Besides, you will find some new things like a new Apple File System and Metal 2.

To help you get the most out of Apple’s new version of macOS, we have compiled a list of the best macOS High Sierra tips and tricks. Before we begin, keep in mind that macOS High Sierra is now available in beta stages and therefore likely to come with errors and bugs. Enjoy with caution.

  1. Mail Split View

The Mail app for macOS strives to get better every year with new features and UI changes. With macOS High Sierra, you now can use the Mail app in Split View mode on your Mac. In other words, you can easily compose your new message, while playing around with your Mail box. This is in contrast to the previous implementation where you needed to switch back and forth between the two views.

To access Mail Split View mode on your Mac, you first need open the Mail app on your machine and then hit the Compose button. Once you are done, your screen will be automatically split into two views, giving you access to your Mail box as you create a new message.

  1. Create tables in Notes app

Apple’s stock Notes app tends to get more useful when Apple releases a new software update, and that is no different with macOS High Sierra. The Notes app now includes an option to pin your most used notes to the top of the app. However, the biggest change coming to the Notes app lies in its ability to add tables to individual notes for better organization.

You can easily put in lists, figures, and much more to your tables. To add tables in Notes, you simply need to choose Format while you are inside a note and then hit Table.

  1. Editing tools in Photos app

With macOS High Sierra, Apple has poured a lot of love into the Photos app, ranging from improvements to facial recognition, editing tools, and memories. When it comes photo editing, Apple has revamped the editing window, giving users access to a variety of tools to spice up their photos.

There are now two new pro-level tools in the Photos app, including Curves and Selective Colors. While Curves can be used for fine tuning color and contrast, Selective Color is designed to make any color more saturated. Besides, there is also a wide range of new professional filters to work with.

  1. Type to Siri

In macOS High Sierra, you can write your queries to Siri, rather than ask them. This is a great feature for those who don’t want to speak to their personal assistant in public places or want to avoid the issue of Siri mishearing their commands. To enable the feature, you need to open the System Preferences on your Mac, then head to Activity pane > Siri and tick the box.

  1. Sync messages to iCloud

With macOS High Sierra, you now can save all your messages in iCloud. That means that all your messages are synced across devices, so you can access them on any Apple device ( make sure that you are now using the same iCloud account on all your devices). This is a great feature, as it helps you regain a considerable amount of space lost to old conversations and attachments.

To enable the feature, open the Messages on your Mac, then select the Accounts tab and check the box for Enable Messages on iCloud.

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