9 Best Mac Games 2021

Over the last couple of years, game developers have spent more time on supporting the Mac than ever. Therefore, Mac users now can enjoy some of the latest games like Streets of Rage 4 or Crusader Kings III. Read on to which game to play on your Mac this year with our top 9 best Mac games 2021.


Best Mac games 2021

These days, survival games are all the rage on consoles and PC. However, this particular type of game is quite limited on the Mac. Luckily, Rust finally supports macOS now and that’s pretty much all Mac gamers need!

In fact, Rust is one of the best survival games ever made. With brutal survival mechanics and even more brutal combat, you will have lots of good time figuring out how to survive in its huge open world. Like other games in the genre, Rust lets players learn and do everything from scratch in order to survive in the wilderness. But still, you start the game with just enough cash and resources to start your journey, and from there, it’s your job to build a whole new community of your own.

Disco Elysium

In Disco Elysium, you are a detective who wakes up in a strange place with no memory of how he got there. And, the body hanging from a tree in the back doesn’t make the situation any easier!

Throughout the game, players will create their own path. Disco Elysium is a game about choices. So, you are free to approach every encounter in the way you want. Meanwhile, you still have to investigate the murder and figure out the character identity in the process. No matter what decision you make, Disco Elysium will warp the game world around it and create a unique and unforgettable experience for each playthrough.


Hades is one of the rare isometric action games that support macOS. In this game, you play the “son” of Hades who is trying to escape the Underworld. When it comes to gameplay, each encounter is engaging, no matter how many times you defeat the same enemies. Apart from the combat, Hades keeps things interesting for players with its unique Boon system. As you progress in the game, you’ll be able to accept Boons from various Gods. This will grant you more power and new perks, among other things.

Streets of Rage 4

Best Mac games 2021

Streets of Rage is one of the most popular Sega franchises in the 1990s. And, the latest version was just released last year with very positive reviews on Steam (96% of players like the game). Thanks to the cell-shaded art style, Streets of Rage 4 is a perfect combination of the old and the new. Even though it does feel like a game ripped straight from the ’90s version with a fresh coat of paint, it’s still one of the best beat ’em up games on Mac.

Monster Sanctuary

Combine the monster-catching of Pokémon with the exploration features in Metroidvania, and you have Monster Sanctuary. Therefore, it just doesn’t stop at exploring interconnected levels like other games in the same genre. Moreover, Monster Sanctuary not only delivers tight platforming but also a turn-based combat system that goes beyond mashing the attack button.

Despite using Pokémon as a template, Monster Sanctuary is far from being a derivative. In fact, the game only has around 100 monsters when compared to several hundred in Pokémon games. However, each one in Monster Sanctuary has its own upgrade tree, allowing players to choose how to build their own unique party. Besides, you will rarely get a one-hit K.O with this game combat mechanism. This forces players to balance elemental effects, status boosts, and raw damage to win battles.

Crusader Kings 3

From Paradox Interactive, Crusader Kings 2 was among the best strategy games ever made in 2012. Now, its predecessor, the Crusader Kings 3 is here to claim that position back! This is a strategy game where you can freely choose to build relationships with neighboring regions or simply rush to declare war on anyone who crosses your path.

The depth and freedom of Crusader Kings 3 are what makes it unique. As your kingdom grows, you’ll need to appoint an heir to the throne. And, Crusader Kings 3 has a full genetics system to pass on some of your traits to the next ruler. We haven’t seen this feature in any other strategy games.

On top of that, this game also allows you to do everything from seducing someone to gaining political influence to demanding a ransom for captured prisoners. Overall, Crusader Kings 3 provides a complex and extremely satisfying grand strategy experience that is hard to beat.

Portal 2

Portal 2 brings players back to Aperture Science. In this addictive first-person puzzle game, you play as protagonist Chell who attempts to break out of a research facility and claim her freedom. In order to get out, you need to complete tasks by working through various rooms outfitted with unique puzzles. And, you’re armed with nothing more than a portal gun. Use the various environments and objects alongside time and space to find a way to escape from the facility. Continuing from its predecessor’s successful storyline, Portal 2 offers one of the most unique and comedic gaming experiences.


Best Mac games 2021

There is no doubt that Cuphead is one of the most graphically eye-catching games up to date. Inspired by classic cartoons from the 1930s, it is a must-try game, no matter what age you are. However, Cuphead head is not just a pretty game! You do need to have lots of kills in order to finish the game. In the Cuphead world, enemies are varied and challenging with their own special abilities and weaknesses. So, you will probably die countless times trying to defeat them. But, it’s totally worth the effort because you will be rewarded with one of the most engaging and original gaming experiences on the Mac.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

The Total War franchise has been a leader in turn-based strategy for years. Set in the year 190, Total War: Three Kingdoms features 12 different warlords from the classic Chinese epic “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. When it comes to the storyline, your story can change based on your characters’ relationships with each other, including allies and enemies along the way.

In classic 4X strategy fashion, using your military and economic skills in order to gain victory. Also, make sure you act wisely if you hope to save your people. Only with a calm head and steady leadership can you unite China!

Let us know which one is your favorite Mac game in 2021 in the comments!

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