Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases You Should Check Out

You finally got a new iPhone 12 Pro Max, and it’s time to accessorize it. The first priority when buying new extras for your device is to think about safety. What accessories will preserve the phone’s life? 

There are a few accessories that are a must if you want to prevent scratches or even more serious damage. The first is a screen protector, for these, you have two main types: Glass and plastic. Screen covers are very easy to choose, as you should only select the glass or plastic cover of your specific iPhone model. However, when it comes to cases, the second line of defense, the work gets a bit harder.

So, here are the best cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max by durability, design, and reviews.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases in 2021

Speck Cases ($59.95)

Speck has surprised us this year with some new designs. The brand is expensive, however, they guarantee good protection for classy designs. The iPhone cases from this brand offer drop protection from 13 to 16 feet. This is definitely one of the best brands for the iPhone 12 Pro Max cases in the market.

Presidio 2 Armor Cloud

The Presidio 2 Armor Cloud is one of the favorites, so there must be something to it. The current price at Speck is $60, if you have the money to spend, they are a great investment. The brand offers a nice color variety to make sure there is something up to everyone’s taste. Sometimes Speck has promotions of up to 25%, so head there and try your luck. You might end up with a deal.

Otterbox ($14.95)

Otterbox is a bit of a Jack of All Trades. The brand offers a wide variety of cases, some more inclined to design, others closer to military-grade protection, and everything in between.

Defender Series XT Holster

Amongst the most outstanding cases, we can find the Defender Series XT Holster, which offers the maximum protection for your phone with 5-star reviews from all the users who purchased it.

Another interesting case is the Otter + Pop Symmetry Series Build Your Own Case. As the name implies, you can customize the case to your liking, whilst enjoying the amazing protection from the high-quality items from this brand, If Otter doesn’t have the best case for iPhone 12 Pro Max, it’s damn close. 

Clckr ($30)

The Clckr cases are popular due to their built-in stands, with the add-on of a grip strap. The cases by this brand are gaining more followers because of the convenience of easily carrying your phone around, and being able to put them upright to watch a video on any occasion.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases
Clckr Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

The built-in stand folds out and clicks in the back of your phone when you’re ready to make it compact again. They have some built-in options, and straps to stick on the back.

While the cases aren’t too tough, they offer enough protection to be a good investment. The transparent models start at $30 and go up depending on specific features and colors. This case works perfectly fine on wireless charging docks, and the latest models have antimicrobial protection. 

Cyrill ($24.99)

Cyrill offers cases more price-friendly, while still having a decent amount of protection. The brand has many designs and color options, so it might be a great purchase for a present, or as a spare cover. While they might not be the best cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max. They are amongst the best cases with low prices for good protection.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases
Cyrill Case – Rose Floral

The cases are usually under $30, and the average price is $17. Reasonably cheap! You can order them from Amazon or on its official page.

Casely ($14.99)

These cases are perhaps the most unusual on our list. Casely manages to combine cute with good protection. They have artists behind the amazing designs of their cases making the brand especially unique. While the average price is around $25, a great deal for the artistry gone into the case designs, there are many discounts that can bring the price down as low as $15.

Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

Casely also has the option of getting a tougher version which adds a few layers of protection for your device. Head down to their website and find some fun designs such as stars, fruits, flowers, and many other shapes. Sounds too simple? Not quite, all the art has been done in such a way that you will have a unique pattern, in a unique case. The brand offers free shipping for orders over $20 and with all the great-looking cases they have, that sounds like an easy accomplishment.

The Bottom Line

The best case for the Phone 12 Pro Max will be the one that offers the best protection. However, sometimes we wish to put a bit of ourselves into our devices, and we sacrifice some of that protection for some amazing designs. Take your time, and buy the case that speaks the most to you. It will stick with you and your iPhone 12 on a long journey.

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