Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases 2021 | Buyer’s Guide

Even though the iPhone 11 Pro is not one of the latest iPhones anymore, there are still tons of phone case options for it. So, to save you the trouble, we’ve made a list of the best iPhone 11 Pro cases 2021.

iPhone 11 Pro Strada Series Case

OtterBox’s Strada Series case is a stylish option for protecting your iPhone 11 Pro. The case is made of hard polycarbonate. And, the best part is that there is a leather layer on the outside to make it more premium and secure. Plus, the Strada Series case not only gives your iPhone 11 Pro 360° protection but also a room to hold up to two credit cards. Currently, there are only two color options for this, which are Black Night and Pink Shimmer (Rose Gold).

Apple Leather Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Best iPhone 11 Pro cases 2021

In case you want something a bit simpler than the OtterBox’s Strada Series case, this is one of the iPhone 11 leather cases you should consider. One downside of the iPhone 11 Pro is its limited color options. But, now Apple’s Leather Case will cover that with tons of color options for you to choose from, including Product Red. 

Besides offering more color options, this case does offer an exact fit for the iPhone 11 Pro and great scratch protection. And, you don’t have to worry about the quality of this one! Just like every Apple-designed case, it has gone through thousands of hours of testing.

Speck Products Presidio Stay Clear iPhone 11 Pro

With the Presidio Stay Clear, feel free to show off every detail on your iPhone 11 Pro without worrying about scratches. Unlike other clear cases, this one uses a special coating to ensure that it stays clear as long as you own your iPhone. Moreover, the Presidio Stay Clear also offers UV radiation and oil resistance. Additionally, this case has successfully passed up to 13 feet drop test.

iPhone 11 Pro Defender Series Case

If you want to go all-in on protection and don’t worry about style, then OtterBox’s Defender Series is the way to go. With the combination of a soft rubber slipcover and a hard polycarbonate shell, your iPhone 11 Pro is armed to resist even the hardest fall now. 

Besides that, this case also features a holster to add more protection to the edges of your iPhone. Not to mention that the Defender Series is built with a microbial defense to keep your phone free from germs. 

Razer Arctech Slim for iPhone 11 Pro

This time, Razer has designed an iPhone 11 Pro case for Razer especially mobile gamers. The case not only comes with a Razer’s signature color but also features a new design that keeps your phone cool while gaming.

Like other smartphones, the iPhone 11 Pro is quite easy to heat up when you perform intensive tasks. But, no worry! The Razer Arctech Slim case is designed with a special layer to absorb heat. And, it also uses perforation in the case to allow airflow to cool it off.

Spigen Tough Armor for iPhone 11 Pro

Despite having a quite affordable price, the Spigen Tough Armor offers dual protection (a combination of TPU and Polycarbonate). While the raised edges can keep your screen from scratches, its reinforced back will save your iPhone 11 Pro from any drops. 

On top of that, this case is still thin enough to support wireless charging. Other bonuses are a cutout on the back to show off the Apple logo and a kickstand on the rear to help you watch videos.

Ted Baker Book Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Best iPhone 11 Pro leather cases

If you want a case that looks classy, then Ted Baker’s Bookcase is worth considering here. This case possesses a gold electroplated hard shell that’s covered in faux leather. Also, there is a folio cover to keep your screen safe, giving the phone 360° protection. Plus, with a built-in mirror on the front cover, this case is such a perfect choice for the ladies!

Otterbox Symmetry

The Otterbox’s Symmetry series case is available for all iPhone 11 models. This case is slim with beveled edges, making it a good mix of sleek and protective. Plus, there is also a raised bumper that acts like a screen protector. Multiple color options are available, including Symmetry Clear. In addition, there are some versions that come with a Symmetry Plus Pop case (a PopSocket), in case you want a better grip. 

CLCKR iPhone 11 Pro Case

The best thing about Clckr’s cases is that it features a built-in stand and grip strap on the back. With this stand clicked in place, you can use your iPhone hands-free in whether it’s portrait or landscape mode. Note that you can wirelessly charge your iPhone 11 Pro with this case on. However, make sure you place it in the right spot on the charging pad for it to work probably.

Skech Slim Shockproof Anti-Slip Vortex Hybrid Case

If you like to have an integrated flip-out metal ring kickstand at the back of your phone, then this is the best phone case for that. On top of that, the Vortex Hybrid case also includes a magnetic car-vent mount. Even though this is not an armor case, its 10-foot drop test result is quite impressive. And, you can still charge your iPhone using a wireless charging pad with the case on. Unfortunately, the Vortex Hybrid now comes in black color for all iPhone 11 models. 

Spigen Ultra Hybrid for iPhone 11 Pro

This one is a highly affordable iPhone 11 Pro case from Spigen. The Ultra Hybrid features a clear-polycarbonate back that will let you show off the original design of your iPhone while still protecting it from scratches and drops. Also, this case edges are raised enough to keep both your screen and camera from hitting the ground when they fall flat.

We hope you have found a perfect phone case for your iPhone 11 Pro here. Also, let us know what you think about our iPhone 11 Pro cases 2021 list in the comments!

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