Got an iPad For Christmas? Here are the Best iPad Tips and Tricks to Get Started

Christmas may have been a strange one this year for many, but if you got an iPad this Christmas, you can still have yourself a great time (especially if you are stuck indoors on your own!).

With 2020 finally drawing to a close, we can all take a deep breath and give a sigh of relief. Christmas is usually a great time for families to get together, have a good meal, and generally have a good time. But with the global pandemic still affecting many around the globe, there are plenty of us that will have spent the festive season alone. If you got yourself an iPad for Christmas, there are several features on offer that will help you to keep in touch with your friends and relatives. But for now, here are some of the best iPad tips and tricks to get started!

iPad Tips and Tricks

The Basics

There are some things that every iPad user needs to know from the get-go. Here are the most important things that you should learn before delving deeper into your device.

  • Switching between apps – Swipe up on your home screen, then keep swiping up to find your app switcher. The app switcher makes switching between apps as simple as the press of a button. 
  • Access the Control Centre and find your notifications – To access your control center, simply swipe down from the top of your screen. You will see several icons that will let you quickly enable/disable certain settings such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. For more in-depth settings, you can find a pre-installed Settings App already on your home page of your iPad. Any notifications you have received will also be displayed when swiping down from the top of your screen.
  • iPad search – Like the previous tip, swipe down on your home screen to find a search bar. This will enable you to find anything on your iPad quickly. You can also use Siri suggestions from here. 
  • Returning to the home screen – Returning to your home screen is quick and easy – simply swipe upward quickly from the bottom of your screen. For any iPad other than an iPad Pro, just tap the Touch ID button. 
  • Going back or forward on iBooks or Safari – Simply swipe left or right on your screen to go back or forward on your iPad. 
  • Changing your screen orientation – Some games and apps will automatically change the orientation for you when booted up. But what if you want to change it manually? Simply turn the iPad on its side to change to orientation.
iPad Tips and Tricks

Got an iPad For Christmas? How to Perform Multitasking and Split-screen on Your iPad

A nifty little feature available to iPad users is the ability to multitask and split-screen apps. To open a second app when you already have one running, simply slide up from the bottom of the screen (not too fast) until the dock appears. Then select and hold the app that you want to have running as a secondary app (floating on a small screen above the primary app). Drag and hold the app onto the main screen, and you will have the two running as one!

To then perform the split-screen magic, simply drag that secondary app up or down to split the screen down the middle, and have both of them running side by side. You can adjust the screen size of either by moving the line that separates them either left or right. When you’re done and want to remove the split screen function, simply drag the black bar at the bottom of the app you want to remove upward.

iPad Tips and Tricks

Got an iPad for Christmas? Here are some iPad Tips and Tricks for Beginners

  • Add Widgets to your home screen – Adding widgets to your home screen is something every iPad user should be making the most of. To add a widget, turn your iPad to a landscape orientation, touch and hold the home screen, swipe right, toggle on ‘keep on home screen’ then tap the ‘+’ symbol to add widgets. 
  • Home to find a lost iPad –  If the worst happens and you lose your iPad, don’t panic. If you have another Apple device, open your Find My app and select the iPad from your list of devices. It should then be able to show you where it is using the iPad’s GPS. You can even tell it to play a little sound if it’s nearby.
  • External drives – To use an external drive on your iPad, connect it using an adaptor and then open ‘files’. Select the external device from here to have access to the contents, or move things across.
  • Screenshots and scanning – To take a screenshot, quickly press and release the home button and the sleep/wake button. To scan a document (very handy), open the ‘notes’ app, tap the camera icon at the top, then line the document up in your iPad’s camera. It will scan it and produce it in an editable document.
iPad Tips and Tricks

Got an iPad for Christmas? Here are Some of the Best (Free) Apps to Get

  1. Facebook. Everyone knows what Facebook is by this point, and chances are you’d be looking to get it anyway.
  2. Messenger. Goes hand in hand with Facebook.
  3. Skype. Great for those pandemic virtual get-togethers. 
  4. Twitter. Simple and easy to use. Great for keeping in touch.
  5. Audible. Audiobooks for book lovers and those that do a lot of driving. 
  6. Kindle. Access thousands of books and magazines with this great reading app. 
  7. Netflix. Stream movies and TV shows directly to your iPad.
  8. SoundCloud. Great for finding both the newest and the hottest music alike.
  9. Spotify. Another fantastic music app that should not be overlooked.
  10. Twitch. Keep up to date with your favourite streamers with the Twitch App.
  11. YouTube. Free, fun, simple to use.
  12. Documents Free. If you do a lot of writing, or work on Excel, this is a must-have app.
  13. Dropbox. Share and back-up your files with this handy app. 
  14. Paper by FiftyThree. Like to draw? You’ll love this free app.
  15. Snapseed. Edit and enhance your photos with this impressive apps

iPad Tips and Tricks – The Bottom Line

So there you have it: some of the most important things to know when getting your hands on an iPad for the first time, and some of the best free apps to boot! Don’t forget to explore every nook and cranny of your iPad for yourself, as there’s plenty to discover that we could not fit in this article (enough to cover dozens of pages). Here’s to a new year with great new tech!

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