Best 7 Free Cleaner for Mac

There are dozens of software that claim to clean Mac computers to protect your Mac against viruses. It is recommended to install software since it could warn a security threat to files on your Mac.

Unlike Windows OS, there are not a lot of options available for Mac, but we’ve still managed to share with you the best cleaner software for your macOS computer. Take a look at the best & free cleaners apps for Mac.

Best Free Cleaner Software for Mac

Onyx (Free)

Onyx mac cleaner

Surprisingly, this app only takes up 5 MB of your computer’s internal storage. However, that doesn’t mean its functions are limited! With Onyx, you can do disk cleanup or cache removal with ease.

On top of that, OnyX can also clean many specific under-the-surface files, like inner databases and logs. Plus, you can even change the color of folders on your Mac or make them invisible. It deserves to be among the best free Mac cleaners.

Most user reviews say this app is stable and reliable. However, there is no dedicated customer service because OnyX is totally free.

CleanMyMac X

It’s currently one of the best software that is effective in cleaning up your Mac. You can also find out other great features apart from cleaning up your Mac. The software can also get rid of malware on your Mac computer, and enhance memory performance, resulting in a better performance. This is the software that you should install on your Mac to improve the performance and clear out junk files.

There are a variety of features in the app, offering full protection against malware that affects the performance of your Mac. Clean MyMac X will remove the outdated caches, interrupted downloads, and other files. CleanMyMac X has both free and paid versions, but if you want to get the best experience, you should use the Pro version. The free version only gives you a few basic options for your Mac.

MacBooster 7

This is a well-known cleaner software for Mac, when coming with a range of features, making it become one of the best options among Mac cleaner apps. MacBooster 7 completes its job excellently in removing junk files on your Mac, thanks to its Deep Scan feature. You can also use MacBooster 7 to protect your Mac against viruses, and malware. If there are too many duplicate files, the software will automatically find out and delete them to free up space for your Mac storage.

All the cache and other junk files on your Mac will be eliminated as well to boost up performance.  You might not know that some frequently-used apps like iTunes has a lot of caches and can slow down your Mac, especially since your Mac has been ages. However, MacBooster 7 can help you eliminate the cache files, free up RAM memory for better multitasking. The app also has a great startup optimization feature to maximum boost up your Mac like the day you unboxed it. While it’s a paid app, the free version is already good enough for you to use.


Every time opening the app, you will have an overview of the storage system on your Mac in chart form. This will let you know the flaws stored on your hard drive so that you can make the necessary changes. With DaisyDisk, you do not need a separate tool to clear out junk files. All you need is simply drag and drop and they will be removed forever. The impressive thing here is its interface, giving you full detail of the unique perspective of your Mac storage space.

With DaisyDisk it´s possible of scanning more than one disk at the maximum speed at once. Use the QuickLook feature to preview the content if you like. The software can be downloaded from the official website or the Mac App Store. But, you can only get the free version from the website, while the Mac App Store is only available in Pro version at the pricing of $9.99. You should try the free version before deciding whether to buy the Pro version or not.  

App Cleaner & Uninstaller

This is another great Mac cleaner software that is effective in getting rid of junk files on your Mac as well as improve performance. Aside from cleaning cache files, and redundant files, App Cleaner & Uninstaller can even change apps loading. By performing a quick reset, the software can make all the apps on your Mac return to the initial state as it’s freshly installed. All the agents slowing down your Mac will be hidden to boost up the startup time.

If you want to fully remove an app,  App Cleaner & Uninstaller is a great tool to help you do that. Check the box with all the installed apps on your Mac, and then simply choose the apps and click on the “Remove” button. Doing so will completely remove the app and traces on your Mac. However, the software does not support the protection against malware and it can only operate your Mac locally. App Cleaner & Uninstaller is available for both free and paid versions from the official website.


If you are usually online, this software is for you. Apart from freeing un space on your Mac, CCleaner can delete the history and cookies of your web browser so that all your activities will not be tracked by other people. But, you should browse the internet through a VPN connection. The software also helps you eliminate junk files, deeply scanning the hard drive on your Mac to delete redundant files.

Furthermore, Ccleaner can get rid of the failed permissions on Mac, thus enhancing the performance. If you are going to pass your Mac to someone else, make sure to give it a shot first. The software can clean up all the junk files and broken files like corrupted downloads on your Mac to boost up the performance even when the operating system is still running. If you choose the free version of CCleaner, you will get privacy protection and the booster feature. The Pro version will add more features like deep scanning, automatic updates.

Drive Genius 5

It’s an advanced cleaner app with a lot of features to let you check the health of your hard drive. The software also looks for malware and remove them on your Mac. In addition, all the caches stored on your Mac will also be cleared out. Drive Genius 5 tool has the ability to create a separate partition for the bootup, though the time it takes might last up to 30 minutes.

The software also allows you to repartition the hard drive on your Mac and it can clear out duplicate files to free up storage space on your computer. You can use the ‘defragmenting” feature to speed up your Mac. There is a free version to choose from, while the paid version has more great features.


Above is the best free cleaner software for Mac. All of them can help you remove junk files and boost up your Mac. Choose your preferred one and let’s know in the comment below.

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