Best Apple Card Tips and Tricks You Should Know About

At this year’s March event, Apple unveiled Apple Card, the company’s first credit card that marks Apple’s partnership with Goldman Sachs. At the event, Apple promised to launch its credit card to the public this fall. And true to its words, the Cupertino firm finally made its Card available to all customers in the US on August 20th.

Apple Card is one of Apple’s main strategies this year and marks Apple’s first steps into the banking world. In this guide, we made a list of the best tips and tricks that help you master your Apple Card.

What is Apple Card?

Apple Card is Apple’s first credit card that’s designed to work with Apple Pay and built directly into the Wallet app on your iPhone. However, the Card also serves as a traditional credit card that can be used at non-Apple pay retailers out there.

The physical Apple Card is made of titanium, which makes the Card more durable and heavier than your traditional card. To be honest, Apple Card is visually appealing and offers a comfortable hands-on experience. Plus, it is super clean and comes in an all-white color. Unlike other credit cards out there, Apple Card does not include your card number on it. Indeed, you have got your name that’s laser-etched on the front, and Goldman Sachs and MasterCard logo on the back.

How To Sign Up for Apple Card?

Apple Card is built into your Wallet app on your iPhone, so signing for the Card is pretty simple. To do this, open the Wallet app, then tap on the Add button at the top right corner and select Apple Card. On the next screen, provide your personal details as required, including your first name, last name, phone number, US address, and annual income.

Once you are done, agree to the terms and conditions and follow the instructions to apply for Apple Card. Once you get approved, you should see your Card in the Wallet app. From now on, you can use your card to make purchases online or in-store. Plus, you can use your card’s number to make payments at retailers that do not support Apple Pay.

To find your card number, open the Wallet app, tap the settings icon at the top right corner, and tap Card Information. After that, authenticate with Face ID and you should find your card number here.

If you now have a physical Apple Card, you can activate it by holding it near your card’s envelope and then hit the Activate button when it shows up on your iPhone. This is similar to how you activate your AirPods.

Your Card Color

One of the best things when it comes to Apple Card is that your card color changes every time you make purchases with it. This feature allows you to keep track of your spending habits, and with a simple glance, you are gonna know where you have spent your money.

Those colors are a bigger deal than you think. For instance, if you buy household things at Walmart like paper towels, dust pan, or trash bags, the color should be yellow. If you buy food at McDonald’s or KFC, the color will be orange.

Reward System

Apple offers a reward for every purchase you make using Apple Card. Indeed, you get 1% cash back on everything you buy, 2% cash back on every Apple Pay purchase, and 3% cash back on everything you buy from the App Store, Apple Store, or iTunes.

The coolest part is that Apple is paying out rewards on a daily basis and you will receive that money in the Daily Cash section. You can send your Daily Cash to your friends or transfer it to your bank account at no cost. However, the process may take 2 or 3 days. There is also an Instant Transfer feature, but it costs some cash.

Purchase Notifications

Your personal details are highly secured in the Wallet app and there is no exception to your purchases. Indeed, you will get a notification every time you make a purchase using Apple Card. This is one of the best Apple Card features as it helps you identify any unauthorized purchase or suspicious activity.

How to Use Apple Card

You can use Apple Card to make your purchases at any retailers that accept Apple Pay. To do this, open Safari on your iPhone, then visit an online shopping website and buy an item. At the checkout page, tap Check out with Apple Pay, then double-click the Side button and authenticate your payment with Face ID or Touch ID.

If you want to use Apple Card to pay in-store, look for the checkout terminal that supports mobile payment, then double-click the Side button and authenticate your access. Now, hold your iPhone near the reader to complete your purchase.

Wrapping Up

Apple Card is Apple’s first ever credit card that’s designed to work with Apple Pay. The release of Apple Card marks Apple’s expansion into the banking industry where it will compete with big names. It’s too early to say that Apple Card will succeed, but it may be the tool that ties you into Apple’s ecosystem.

Don’t forget to share with us how your experience has been with Apple Card so far.

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