Best 5 MacOS Sierra features

At the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 13, Apple introduced the next version of OS X, and the coolest thing is that it sports a brand-new name: MacOS Sierra. According to Apple, the new MacOS name will bring the name of Apple’s Mac operating system in line with iOS and WatchOS. Besides the new name MacOS, the update includes some impressive new capabilities. In this post, we will walk you through some of the best changes made to Apple’s MacOS Sierra.

1. Siri


With MacOS Sierra, Apple brings its digital assistant from iPhone to desktop. The new full Siri integration has been met with a virtual round of applause from Mac users. Siri on MacOS can do a lot of things like set reminders, launch the Message app, search for documents and many more. Besides, you can drag and drop results from the search results into a document, and results can also be pinned into the Notification Center.

2. Continuity


Continuity is one of the major changes made to the Apple’s new MacOS Sierra. The new feature allows you to unlock your Mac using the Apple Watch when in close proximity, eliminating the need to enter the password on a password-protected Mac. When you are out of range, the Apple Watch will disconnect and be unable to pair with your Mac. As a result, your Mac will be put in a secure state requiring a password to use it.

3. Universal Clipboard


Universal Clipboard allows you to copy content and links, and paste them on another device. Basically, you can copy content from any webpage in Safari and paste it into your Mac.

4. Apple Pay


MacOS Sierra now supports Apple Pay in the web browser. From now on, you can authenticate purchases in a browser via either a connected iPhone or a connected Apple Watch. For example, you can use your fingerprint on your iPhone, or a Pin on your Apple Watch when making purchases. Apple Pay for the web seems to be Apple’s strategic plan to dominate mobile payment market, as Samsung, Google, and PayPal increase their focus on mobile wallet products this year.

5. Picture-in-Picture

MacOS Sierra also includes Picture in Picture, which is the same feature that we have already seen on the iPad. The new feature allows you to watch videos while doing other tasks on your Mac.

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