Belkin MagSafe Charger Review: The Best Charger for iPhone?

When Apple announced the iPhone 12, they also told us that these new models would come with MagSafe technology. Apple released wireless charging technology previously with their iPhone 8 models but the charging output was capped at 7.5W. Now, Belkin has created their MagSafe chargers that exclusively work with the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, Pro, and Pro Max versions. The Belkin MagSafe Charger brings power output inline with other Android chargers at an impressive 15W.

In this Belkin MagSafe charger review, we’ll take a look at what we like and what we think Belkin could have done better.


The Belkin MagSafe charger comes in two versions; 2-in-1 or 3-in-1. For this article, we’ll be looking at the 3-in-1 version but much will apply to the 2-in-1 version. The big difference here is the 3-in-1 version can charge three devices in one go. The Belkin MagSafe charger is a sturdy unit that stands firmly on your desk thanks to its sticky silicone base. It’s easy to pick up and move when you need to and it has just the right amount of grip so it won’t be knocked over easily if you accidently knock it.

The charger stands at 13.9 inches tall and weighs in at 532 grams. It’s not going to take up a great deal of space on your desk but it’s worth noting that the circular base is rather large but it helps to keep the whole charger balanced if you have three devices on charge at the same time. Although it is made by Belkin, its design fits alongside other Apple devices perfectly. You can buy the Belkin MagSafe charger in either white or black and I must say, it’s a thing of beauty.


Now, the main reason why you might want to buy a wireless charger in the first place is for convenience. The charger itself eliminates the need to have wires for your new AirPods, iPhone, and Apple Watch. You can charge all of your portable devices in one place. At the same time, you’ll get a charging output of 15W which is a big leap for an Apple wireless charging device. It makes Apple finally sit in line with Samsung’s chargers like their wireless charger for the Note10. 

The biggest selling point of the charger is the ability to charge three devices at once. Belkin has also done a good job of making sure your devices are secure when charging. When you put your iPhone 12 on the large phone puck, you hear a nice magnetic ‘snap’ noise and if you give your phone a little wiggle, you’ll notice how secure it is to the charger. Your AirPods connect to the charger at the base of the T-shape stand and you’ll notice a little white light on them telling you they’re charging properly. If they’re not, they’ll turn an amber color. 

The third charger is for your Apple Watch. All you need to do is place your watch against the puck and it will fasten into place.

Charging your iPhone 12 can take up to an hour on the Belkin MagSafe Charger which isn’t too bad considering most people charge their phones overnight.

The base of the charger can charge your phone too but it will be a bit slower at charging. It’s worth noting that this charger can also charge other devices like Android phones but again it will take longer because the Belkin MagSafe charger is optimised for Apple devices.

What the Belkin MagSafe Charger could do Better

Whilst the charger is beautiful, it’s also a little pricey. This is nothing new from an Apple-compatible device but at $139.95 it might not be great for people who have just invested in an iPhone 12 and want to save money. The other thing that Belkin could have changed is the power jack which is a barrel jack instead of a USB-C. It’s okay if you want to keep your charger on your desk but you won’t be able to move it around and use any old USB cable that your friend might have. 

The $100 duo dock version might be better for those who aren’t worried about charging their watch on a dock or who want to save a bit of money but still want this handy charger.

Is the Belkin Magsafe Charger the Best Charger for the iPhone?

There are many different chargers that have different benefits for the iPhone. Arguably, the best-wired charger would be the 20W USB-C because the USB means you can take it around with you and use it in different places with different cables however the Belkin wireless charger is more for convenience. It’s going to help you clear up all your wires so it depends on where you are and what you want to use it for. The Belkin MagSafe charger is ideal for office use or on your desk at home. You can load it up and then leave it to work its magic.

Belkin MagSafe Charger: The Bottom Line

The Belkin Magsafe charger is a thing of beauty. It’s not the cheapest version of wireless chargers but it is solid and makes me think it will last a lot longer than a random charger found on Amazon. If you’ve already invested in an iPhone 12 then another $139.95 but not seem like a big deal. We hope that Belkin builds similar chargers for previous generation iPhones because there’s still a lot of people who hang on to their pre-gen models to save money. All in all, this is another modern version of a product in a market that is only going to keep growing and getting better. Take a look for yourself here.

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