Beats Flex review: Is It Really Worth the Price ($50)?

Apple no longer includes headphones in the iPhone’s box. So, most users who don’t have any EarPods will probably need to buy new headphones. That’s when the new Beats Flex wireless earphones appear as a good alternative. Introduced at the latest Apple’s event, Beats Flex is an upgrade of the BeatsX, but at a more reasonable price. However, is it really worth buying? We will help you out.


Visually, we can see Beats Flex still has a neckband style like the previous model. However, this style will never give us the true feeling of wireless earphones. After all, the two buds are still connected by a wire.

Beats Flex review

On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about dropping your earbuds with Beats Flex. If you don’t use them anymore, leave them around your neck for easy access later, or drop them into the charging case.

The major change in the design here is that the on-broad control buttons are no longer on the left side. Instead, they are relocated to the left side of the cord, which makes the earphones more symmetrical. Plus, now you have less plastic pods sitting on both sides of your neck.

Apple said the cable is made of nitinol that helps it coils easily. And, the new material is lightweight and gives a comforable feel when you are sitting or walking around.

Sound Quality

Beats Flex review: Audio quality

The Beats Flex’s sound profile favors vocals and spoken content. And, this is great for watching movies or listening to podcasts. On top of that, these earphones are perfect for video chatting and remote meetings because of its high-quality input and outgoing sound. Plus, the music is absolutely balanced.

However, with all of that balance and clarity, it still lacks the pleasant thump that can keep you energized. Despite having the ability to offer a decent amount of bass, there’s basically no depth or richness added to the sound quality. That is the only minus point for the Beats Flex.

If compared to a standard $19 wired EarPods, the Beats Flex is way better when it comes to sound quality. It not only has more range to its tuning but also offers a comfortable on-ear experience.

Honestly, Beats Flex might not have the best audio quality for music. But, these earphones still have a lot more going on for just S50.


Beats Flex review: Charging

The good thing about the neckband style is that the battery can last a lot longer than other wireless earbuds. The Beats Flex can offer 12 hours of music playback. So, feel free to bring them with you for the whole day without having to re-charge

And, when you do run out of battery, simply charge your earphones using the USB-C cable to get up to 15 hours of playback in just 10 minutes.

Beats Flex Key Specs:

  • New acoustic drivers
  • Magnetic earbuds
  • Built-in microphone
  • USB-C charging
  • Longer listening time
  • Fast Fuel charging
  • Beats app for Android users
  • Four color options: Beats Black, Yuzu Yellow, Smoke Gray, and Flame Blue.

The overall audio quality of the Beats Flex is probably not like what you expected. But, for that price, you probably can’t find anything with better sound quality.

So, if the sound quality is not a big deal, then Beats Flex is a great choice! But, if you want to enjoy music in the best way possible, then you should consider buying higher-end wireless headphones.

Let us know what you think about the new Beat Flex wireless earphones in the comments!

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