BaseJS: A Mobile (Safari) Javascript Framework

When Paul Armstrong started searching for Javascript frameworks for iPhone optimized web development, he wasn’t satisfied with what was available. While the existing frameworks were good, there were a few issues that made them unattractive.

For example, the availability of -webkit-transform and –webkit-animation removed any need for an animation library. Also, with the introduction of the Query Selectors API, a complex javascript selectors engine is redundant. It seemed every JS framework he came across was simply too large, even when minified, for the iPhone’s cache.

So Paul did what any developer in his right mind would do (ok, well, maybe not) and created his own javascript framework. He calls it BaseJS, a simple, lightweight framework created specifically for Mobile Safari.

BaseJS Features

  • Lightweight: less than 8KB when minified
  • Fully-compatible with Mobile Safari
  • Falls back on Sizzle selector library for iPhone 1.x (when query selector support is unavailable)
  • Encourages use of CSS Transitions and Animations
  • Object-oriented
  • Easy to extend

Read more:

baseJS Documentation

Download BaseJS

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