Apple WWDC 2019 roundup: What we did not see at this year’s event

WWDC is an annual technology event where Apple announces new software updates and future projects. As an Apple fan, I have been always expecting to see new hardware products at the event, but we have to wait and see. Last year, there were no new hardware announcements, but things have changed this year.

Of course, we expect to see a lot of new things from Apple this year. However, keep in mind that Apple has a load of new products in the works, so they cannot show off everything at the same time. Indeed, the September event belongs to new iPhones, while WWDC refers to software initiatives.

There are a lot of products that did not make the cut at WWDC. With that in mind, we made a list of 5 things that did not show up at WWDC 2019.


Hardware is something we have been expecting to see at WWDC for years. And there will be no exception this year. We heard rumors that Apple would announce some hardware at the event, including a cheaper HomePod and a new MacBook. However, Apple secretly released an updated MacBook Pro last week, while the new HomePod is said to arrive later this year.

Earlier this year, sources said that there would be two new iPads at WWDC. The release of new iPads seems unlikely as Apple tends to revamp its iPads in fall. This seems plausible seeing that the new iPad Pro was announced only seven months ago.

However, in contrast to rumors, Apple unveiled a redesigned Mac Pro and a Pro Display XDR. The new Mac Pro comes with modern hardware and a new look, something we have been expecting to see for years. Apple says that the new Mac Pro will hit the market this fall starting at $6,000.


The HomePod is Apple’s first smart speaker that was first introduced in 2017. However, the speaker is lagging behind Amazon Echo and Google Home due to its limited third-party support, which is why we want to see a revamped HomePod this year.

In reality, there was no mention of new HomePod at the event, and it seems that we have to wait a little bit longer to lay our hands on the second-gen HomePod.  Sources say that the next HomePod will not be ready until September and include deeper support for third-party devices.

iPod Touch

Apple iPod Touch has not received a big software update for years. We have heard rumors that the next iPod Touch would be unveiled at this year’s WWDC. To be honest, I am not a big fan of iPod Touch as it is just a smaller version of the iPhone. However, the next iPod Touch is said to target emerging markets like India and Brazil.

Apple just released a new iPod Touch after months of rumors. The new model looks the same as its predecessor, but it comes with faster internals and more storage. The 7th-gen iPod Touch will be available for $199 for the starting model with 128GB storage.

iMac Pro

iMac Pro is Apple’s workstation that was first introduced back in 2017. Apple says that the iMac Pro is one of the most powerful Mac computers it has ever released to the market. In March 2019, Apple added a 256GB SSD storage option and a Vega 64X GPU to its Pro computer for superior performance.

Apple’s move may pave the way for a redesigned iMac Pro coming out later this year. Sources say that the new iMac Pro will arrive in October along with a new MacBook Air. However, there are no words yet from Apple, so we have to wait and see.

No updates for Apple services

In March, Apple announced a series of services including Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Card, and Apple Arcade. Most of these services will be available this fall. Reports said that Apple would release more updates to its services at WWDC, but we believe that Apple will skip the event. In reality, Apple only talked about new updates to its tvOS and gave us a quick look at how it will change this fall.

According to a reliable source, we will hear more about Apple’s services at Apple’s September ahead of their final release. Apple says that Apple Arcade is launching in the App Store with over 100 exclusive games at launch. Plus, Apple has been in talks with game publishers to bring more games to its service.

Wrapping Up

The Mac Pro took the center stage this year thanks to its appealing look and superior performance. Apple is expected to announce more products in the 2nd half of the year, including a new iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro. We have to wait and see.

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