The Apple Watch on the surface may seem like an indulgence that most people don’t need, but people said the same about the iPad when it first came out. Now the iPad can rival most laptops on the market. Let’s jump straight in to what this new Series 5 Watch can do.

A Display That Never Sleeps

One of my main complaints from the Apple Watch Series, is that they really should have an “always-on” option. Well this time round, the Series 5 Watch comes with an always-on retina display. This is great because sometimes if you’re cooking or you’re at the gym, you don’t always have a free hand to check the time. It seems like such a basic thing, but regardless, I’m happy that we’ve finally got it.

Before, when you lowered your wrist, the watch would automatically turn off the watch face would automatically turn off. This time, the watch face series only dims. It doesn’t sound like a huge deal until you’ve tried it yourself. The Apple Watch Series 5 has a revolutionary LTPO (Low Temperature Poly-silicone and Oxide Display). LTPO allows your Apple Watch to run from 60Hz all the way down to just 1Hz. This means that your watch will still be able to last for 18 hours from one single charge.

Find Your Way

The Apple Watch Series 5 comes with a built in compass. Great for the more adventurous watch users out there! This feature also helps for when you use the maps app as now your watch can tell you which way you’re facing. It’s not only about direction, it can also tell you about your elevation, your incline and your latitude and longitude. For Watch fans, this probably doesn’t sound like a big deal, but if you think about how this will help app developers in the future, then it’s actually massive.

Have it Your Way

From the strap, all the way to the finish

Apple Watch Series 5 comes with more customization options than ever before. There’s always been a ton of options available and now there are even more available, including the finish on the watch itself. Series 5 comes in 100% recycled Aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, or ceramic cases and a variety of straps including designs from Hermès or Nike. Because of this, depending on your options, your new watch could cost you anywhere from $399 up to 4-digits.

WatchOS 6

The new WatchOS 6 will be used in this watch which gives the Apple Watch a well needed boost from the previous one. It comes with a ton of new features and updates to make your Apple Watch much more efficient. click here to learn more about watchOS 6

The Verdict

It seems there has been a significant improvement to the Apple Watch Series 5 that makes it stand out from it’s predecessors. For people who utilize Siri, care about their fitness or like listening to music on the go, Apple Watch Series 5 is the one for you.