Apple Watch Series 4 finally here: Everything you need to know

Apple Watch is one of the best wearables you can buy right now. First debuted back in 2015, Apple Watch quickly gained its popularity on the market with millions of units shipped. According to the latest reports, Apple Watch with LTE connectivity now dominates the smartwatch market. Apple is planning to ship more smartwatches later this year to attract users worldwide. Apple took a big step to achieve that goal when the company announced the fourth generation Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Series 4 really stood out at this year’s September event alongside new iPhones. In reality, the Series 4 is not a significant upgrade over its previous models, but it comes with tons of new things that encourage you to upgrade your device.

In this article, we have gathered everything you need to know about Apple Watch 4. For some background, the 4th gen Apple Watch is now available worldwide for $399 in the US. Previously, Apple confirmed that the latest Apple Watch would come out on September 21. Apple is expecting to ship 5 million smartwatches by the end of the year.

  1. Design

Apple Watch has not seen a significant design change since the launch day. This year’s Apple Watch retains a number of design elements we have loved about Apple Watch for years while adding a slew of new things to the series, ranging from a bigger screen and revamped digital Crown to better speakers. What sets it the Apple Watch 4 from its predecessors lies in its larger screen. Specifically, Apple has increased the screen size on this year’s smartwatch, making it the biggest Apple Watch ever released to the public. Apple says that the screen on the Series 4 is 30 percent bigger than that of its previous models.

Apple Watch

The screen now takes up more space, giving you a stunning edge-to-edge OLED screen. Besides, Apple has curved the corners to match with the shape of the watch, so you now have more space for navigation. Apple Watch Series 4 is thinner than its predecessors so it has less total volume than in Series 3. To take advantage of the larger displays, Apple has redesigned the user interface. From now on, you will see more in your favorite apps like Maps, Photos, or Calendar. Besides, there are a number of new complications that show more information and details.

The Apple Watch 4 also features a brand new watch face that now contains 8 customizable complications. Indeed, you can add your loved ones to your watch face and quickly connect with them with a simple tap. If you are a regular traveler, then you can create a watch face to track different time zones. The popular Breath app is now available as a watch face that guides you through a deep breath. Besides, there is a wide range of dynamic watch faces that intelligently interact with the overall shape of the display.

Digital Crown has been part of Apple Watch since the day one, serving as a perfect tool for controlling your watch. With Apple Watch Series 4, Digital Crown has been completely re-engineered and now includes haptic feedback. You can quickly flip through each item in Podcasts and Calendar. With the Apple Watch 4, Apple has also redesigned the speaker, making it 50 percent louder than its previous models. Besides, the microphone has been re-positioned to the opposite side to reduce echo, making phone calls clearer.

  1. Specs and health features

The Apple Watch 4 is powered by the new chip called S4 under the hood. The S4 is the most powerful wearable chipset on the market, delivering two times faster performance. Besides, the next generation accelerometer and gyroscope have twice the dynamic range and can sample motion data up to 8 times faster.

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The fourth generation Apple Watch now features a number of new health features. Specifically, your watch can detect a fall. To do this, the new watch takes advantage of the new accelerometer and gyroscope to analyze wrist trajectory and impact acceleration to determine when you fall or slip. You will get an alert asking if you want to initiate an emergency call. Like older Apple Watch models, Series 4 includes an optical heart rate sensor to track your heart rate and calories burned. However, Series 4 now sends you a notification if your heart rate appears to be low.

The coolest part is that you now can take an electrocardiogram. To achieve this, Apple has added electrodes into the back sapphire crystal and digital crown. Specifically, your watch measures the activity of the heart rate to help diagnose potential heart diseases. When it comes to software, the new watch runs watchOS 5, the latest version of Apple’s wearable OS. The new update brings in a number of new features and tweaks.

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