Apple Watch 2 review: A great improvement under the hood

Apple is now dominating the smartwatch market thanks to its mighty Apple Watch. The Cupertino Company shipped more smartwatches than any other manufacturer on the market last year, allowing for more than 80 percent of smartwatch sales.

In September 2016, Apple introduced a long-awaited update to its smartwatch lineup. The Apple Watch 2 has a lot of improvements over the first generation models, including much-improved battery life, GPS abilities, and water-resistance. Overall, the Apple Watch 2 is a smartwatch we all need from a recognized brand following the release of the original models with high-price tag and modest functionality.

If you are planning to grab the second generation Apple Watch, there are a couple of things you should know about before heading to a local authorized retailer.

  1. Design

The Apple Watch 2 has taken some design hints from its predecessor. The design of the Apple Watch 2 is pretty simple, but premium. The Cupertino Company maintains the beloved design aspects of the original models with curved edges, glass, and spinning Digital Crown on the side of the watch. The design allows the Watch to sit comfortably on your wrist.

The second-generation Apple Watch heavily focuses on fitness and health apps. The heart rate monitor on the underside of the watch helps guide through your workout sessions and track your heartbeat. Besides, the water-resistance feature makes the watch an ideal tool for a rainy-day run or swimming sessions

  1. Screen

Nothing major is changing here. The Apple Watch 2 retains the 1.65 inch OLED display (390 x 312) from the previous version. However, this time, the screen is brighter and sharper, allowing users to read their content in any conditions. The adoption of the OLED panel allows for the extended battery life and the improved brightness.

Besides, the display has been much improved, now featuring a wet mode. Once enabled, the feature automatically locks the screen and turns off touch functionality. Overall, the screen on the Apple Watch is among the best highlights of the wearable device thanks to its high-end techs and high level of brightness.

  1. Specs and battery

With the Apple Watch 2, Apple has upgraded the hardware. Under the hood, the Apple Watch 2 is powered by a S2 dual-core processor, allowing the watch to launch apps instantly and improve Siri experience. Besides, the Apple Watch 2 features 1GB of RAM, which is double what the first generation models had. With a powerful chip-set and a faster graphics processor, the Apple Watch 2 offers a significantly-improved performance.

The battery life on the Apple Watch 2 is pretty impressive. Basically, the wearable device offers up to two days of battery life, which is far better than the previous version, all made possible by a bigger power pack to run GPS chip inside.

  1. WatchOS

The Apple Watch 2 runs watchOS 3 at launch, meaning that the wearable device includes a lot of exciting features and changes, including new watch faces, performance enhancements, new apps, and much more. One of the most noticeable additions of watchOS 3 is a Breath app, which helps guide Apple Watch owners through daily breathing sessions.

At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple officially announced the successor to watchOS 3 with new Activity, Music, and Workout features. watchOS 4 is now available in beta, and the Apple Watch ranks among the first to get the update when it releases this fall.

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