Apple Vs. Android Security. Which is Better?

Regardless of whether your smartphone is Apple or Android, there are always concerns over security. There is always the possibility of downloading an infected app or leaving your personal information exposed to hackers. The growing sophistication of malicious actors means this can happen on any type of digital device. The manufacturers address their customers’ security concerns in different ways. This begs the question: which is the most secure, Apple or Android?

The Level Of Threat

People have believed for a while that mobile malware is more likely to hit the Android operating systems than iOS, which is the operating system used by Apple, as evidenced in this guide. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that Apple vets every app before it’s made available in the App Store, and according to the Apple developers site, they reject anything with bugs, broken links, or misleading information. This helps to stop malware slipping through the official channels at the app stage.

Secondly, Android is used by many different manufacturers and is a hugely popular operating system worldwide. It’s much easier for an infected app to slip through the network, meaning that more Android devices are likely to be damaged.

It would, therefore, appear the level of threat is higher for an Android device than an Apple one, but that is not the whole story. Just one well-developed piece of iOS malware can cause as much damage as thousands of Android ones, and in reality, both systems are equally at risk from malware and hackers trying to target your personal information.

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Upgrades Are Vital

Every time you are notified of an upgrade for your system you should make sure you download it as soon as possible. Most upgrades for digital devices will fix any security concerns, and this is often the reason for them being developed. As soon as the developers realize there may be a problem, they want to fix it before too many users are affected.

Antivirus Apps For Android Users

Most Apple users do not have antivirus because iOS is so tightly regulated. For Android users, antivirus is a must, and it can do a brilliant job as long as you update it regularly.  According to Google, there are more than 2 billion Android handsets in use around the world. Hackers and cyber thieves are always trying to find ways to mess with the Android operating system. Google Play is not a closed system and leaves users vulnerable to downloading apps from potentially malicious sources. Apart from risking malware and trojans from these apps, your smartphone is just as likely to become the victim of phishing emails and texts among other things.

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High-level security should be your priority when researching the antivirus options available for Android. Additional desirable features include anti-theft, call blocking and backup. You do not want software that will slow your phone or tablet down, but you do need to know your data is safe.

In conclusion, it would seem Apple devices are more secure than Android ones, but when something does go wrong, it can have a worse effect.

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