Apple TV (6th-gen) Preview: A Redesigned Remote, Better Siri Support, and A12 Chip

Apple TV is a media player that is designed to receive digital content from an Mac or iOS device. Apple TV gets new software updates every year and now can play content from popular networks and channels like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Showtime, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

iOS 13 adds a host of enhancements and new features to Apple TV, including support for Dolby Vision and Atmos, making it one of the best streaming boxes on the market. However, it’s been two years since the 5th-gen Apple TV launched to the public and there is no mention from Apple of the 6th-gen release.

In the section below, we made a list of what we expect to see in the next Apple TV.

A Redesigned Remote

Apple TV is one of the most expensive streaming boxes on the market. However, it still has its own flaws. One such flaw is the remote control. That’s the same remote we have already seen for years and Apple is only making small tweaks to it.

In reality, Apple TV’s remote is too small and short, which is pretty annoying for those with large hands. Indeed, the remote does not fit comfortably when compared to its rivals like Amazon Fire TV Cube or Roku Streaming Stick+.

A touch-pad remote should be better for navigation

We would like to see Apple add a four-direction pad to the remote, which should come in handy for navigation. In reality, Apple once used a touch-pad on its 2nd-gen Apple TV, but it removed it in favor of physical buttons.

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I think that Apple should go for a touch-screen or a touch-pad remote instead of physical buttons. We have heard rumors that the Apple TV remote will come with a built-in display and will be longer than the current generation remote.

A Revamped Box and Better Siri Support

The box is the center of the Apple TV, offering the ability to receive and play content from various content providers out there. However, the box’s design has not changed for years.

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In reality, the Apple TV box is not bad, but we’d like to see a new modern design, just like how Apple did with its Mac Pro. Basically, the size if the Apple TV box is fine, but I want it to be wider and longer, allowing for a more comfortable hands-on experience.

Sources say that the next-gen Apple TV will include better Siri support. In reality, Siri on Apple TV gets better and smarter, but it still lacks some important features. Plus, the new Apple TV will be highly optimized for Siri, allowing you to control your TV box using voice commands.

A12 Chip

Apple says that its A12 is the most powerful mobile chip on the market. Indeed, it is a beast when it comes to handling your daily tasks and editing photos and videos. The A12 chip now powers the 2018 iPhone lineup.

We believe that the next-gen Apple TV will be fueled by the A12 processor at launch. That’s a huge upgrade over its 2017 model with Apple A10X Fusion chip. In reality, there is no need to upgrade to A12X found in the new iPad Pro as the A12 chip is powerful enough to handle video processing and Apple Arcade service.

External Storage

Apple TV is now limited on storage capacity, but we expect Apple to add more storage to its next-gen Apple TV. We believe that the new Apple TV will come with USB-C ports for external storage. Plus, with USB-C support, you will be able to play content from your a third-party device. We have heard rumors that the new Apple TV will have two USB-C ports on the back, making it one of the first streaming boxes with USB-C support.

In terms of pricing, Apple is expected to lower the price tag for its TV box. The Apple TV now costs $149 for the 32GB model with HD support and $179 for the 32GB model with 4K support. That is pretty expensive when compared to $99 Roku Ultra and $119 Fire TV Cube. There is no reason for Apple to drop the prices for its upcoming Apple TV considering that it will come with premium components.

Wrapping Up

There is no word on the release date, but we expect to see it in September. That’s the same event where Apple will announce new iPhone models. The new Apple TV is believed to receive a significant revamp this year with 5K support, better Siri integration, and external storage support.

What do think of the upcoming Apple TV? Let us know in the comments below.

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