Apple Silicon Macs: What to Expect from Apple’s November Event?

Recently, Apple just sent invitations to the world press for its third event called “One More Thing” on Tuesday, Nov 10. And, people are saying that Apple will unveil the Apple Silicon Macs at this special event. We have been waiting for this since Apple announced a shift to its own main processors earlier this year. So, here is what to expect about Apple Silicon Macs in 2020.

Apple Silicon Macs and More at the November Event

The November “One More Thing” event is expected to include at least one Apple Silicon MacBook. However, that might not be all! Apple usually gives us some easter eggs about its upcoming products via words, graphics, and images in their invitations.

The new AR teaser animation shows the Apple logo in dark gray with a hint of blue, which is reminiscent of the A14 chip graphic representation. Moreover, the Apple logo also starts flat, then tilts up with a rainbow light leaking from behind. This reminds us of the same experience when you open a laptop in a dark room and observe it from behind. Combining this with all the rumors around Apple Silicon Macs, it seems quite certain that Apple will announce an Apple Silicon MacBook at the November 10 event. 

Plus, several Apple products have been rumored to show up at the event like the AirTags or High-end Over-ear Headphones. This brings us to the next question: Which Mac version is going to be the first Apple Silicon Macs? 

In fact, recently, a reliable Apple analyst suggested that the first Apple Silicon Macs will likely be a new version of the 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Also, there are rumors of a smaller Mac Pro version, but Apple confirmed that the full transition might take 2 years.

What Features to Expect?

New Chips

Apple Silicon Macs

A recent report shows that the processors will be similar to the A14X Bionic chip anticipated to appear in a future iPad Pro. Another recent leak claims Apple has developed 2 new chips for the new Macs. These could be an 8-core processor for MacBook Air and a 12-core processor for MacBook Pro 13-inch.

5G on Macs

Speaking of new chips, the new Macs will probably be equipped with the A14 or a newer version. Therefore, it’s guaranteed that 5G is coming to its laptops sooner or later. However, Apple may not make this feature become a standard in all of its laptops. Nevertheless, having this option is still something to be excited about as it’ll be the first 5G LTE laptop from the company.

macOS Big Sur

We also expect Apple to announce the release date of macOS 11 Big Sur during the event. This OS has been in beta testing since the WWDC earlier this year. Also, it’s promised to bring a new-look interface, as well as expand developer support for iPhone and iPad apps on macOS.

Let us know what you think about the new Apple Silicon Macs in the comments!

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