Apple reportedly launches new MacBook Air this year

Apple MacBook is among the best laptops you can buy right now on the market. Apple has been improving its MacBook lineup since the day one to take on Windows-powered PCs. Apple wants to show the world that its MacBook series is a useful and powerful device, rather than a luxury item targeted at premium customers.

In reality, Apple’s MacBook laptops are never cheap out there as it set you back around $1200 in the US. Sources say that Apple has been working on an affordable MacBook machine, but don’t expect to see it this year. In reality, Apple once claimed that the company has no plan to release a cheaper MacBook or iPhone. However, things have changed.

Speaking of iPhones, Apple’s smartphones are among the best-selling mobile devices out there. Last year, Apple announced the iPhone X to celebrate the 10th birthday of its iPhone lineup. In reality, the Cupertino company was struggling to sell its iPhone X at launch due to its staggering $999 price tag and new navigation gestures.

However, the iPhone X quickly gained its trust among users worldwide, with more than 16 million units sold in the first quarter of 2018. This year’s iPhone models are expected to follow in the footsteps of the current iPhone X on the market. Sources say that Apple has been busy producing its 2018 iPhone models, so the company will announce slight improvements to its MacBook lineup this year.

A cheaper MacBook Pro

Rumors regarding a cheaper MacBook have been out there for months, giving us a preview of what’s coming into Apple’s first affordable laptop. According to the latest sources, Apple will be unveiling a new MacBook Pro at its September event. This goes against what we heard in previous rumors and reports that new MacBook Pro models will make their debut in March 2019.

In reality, Apple has its long-term tradition of unveiling new iPhone models at its September event. However, it seems that things will change this year. If this is the case, this is the first time that we are seeing a new MacBook Pro debut in September.

Back in July, the Cupertino company unveiled two new models of MacBook Pro. The new MacBook Pro models are now available in 13in and 15inch screen sizes. The new laptops will replace the Touch Bar-enabled models, with a wide range of new features. Under the hood, the refresh is powered by eighth-gen ‘Coffee Lake’ Intel processors, coupled with 32GB of DDR4 RAM. Tech experts say that 2018 MacBook Pro is the most powerful and advanced notebook Apple has ever released to the public.

However, they are not cheap out there as prices start at $1,799 in the US for the lowest configuration. The 15in model now costs $2,399 on the market. Both models come with much-improved Touch Bar controls and Touch ID. Besides, Apple added the True Tone displays to its MacBook lineup, which adjusts screen output to match with lighting conditions.

Sources say that Apple needs a cheaper MacBook Pro this year to attract more customers. In reality, its MacBook lineup is showing signs of a slowdown in sales, so it is planning something new to boost its sales performance.

Under-the-hood improvements

Apple upgrades its MacBook’s internal hardware every year. However, sources say that the upcoming MacBook Pro will stick to Intel’s previous generation Kaby Lake processor to achieve a lower price tag. Besides, the model will come with 4GB of RAM and up to 2TB SSD storage at launch.

However, the new MacBook will not include support for Touch Bar and Touch ID to keep its price in check. Touch Bar was first debuted on Apple’s MacBook back in 2016 and replaces the function keys at the top of the keyboard. Apple’s move received a wide welcome, with praise directed at Apple’s ability to create an innovative feature.

However, Touch Bar has its own issues. A number of MacBook Pro owners are still facing problems with Apple MacBook. Sources say that Apple has been working on a second-gen Touch Bar, but it will be exclusive to high-end MacBook models.

MacBook Air

Apple’s MacBook Air lineup was once the top choice as opposed to purchasing a new laptop. However, we no longer live in those days. The Air lineup is falling behind Windows-based PCs on the market. Sources say that Apple might discontinue its Air lineup, instead, working on a new laptop lineup.

However, reports have suggested that the new MacBook Air will arrive later this year. It seems plausible as Apple is trying to attract more users. The cheapest MacBook Air model now costs $999 out there. That’s the same price tag with the iPhone X.

Tech experts say that Apple is shifting its focus to emerging markets. And, a new MacBook Air will serve as a perfect way to grab some market ground. In reality, the MacBook Air has not seen a huge hardware update since 2015, and it is the only Apple’s MacBook model that does not include Retina displays on the market.

According to rumors, the new MacBook Air will come with Intel’s latest 8th-gen Kaby Lake processors and 32GB of RAM. This would mark a huge upgrade from the 5th-gen Intel processors that power the current MacBook Air.

When it comes to pricing, the new MacBook Air is expected to cost less than $1000 at launch. And Apple will launch it in emerging markets for the first three months prior to the global release.

Release date

Sources say that the upcoming MacBook Air will make its debut at an event in October. Besides, we might see the unveiling of a new Mac mini at the event this year. If this is the case, the MacBook Air will show up at a separate event.

Apple has not announced its plan for the future Mac models. However, we expect to get more details at Apple’s September event where it will announce new iPhone models. At this year’s event, Apple will roll out the final build of iOS 12 following months of beta testing.

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