Apple reportedly launches a Netflix competitor in 2019

Apple is one of the biggest names in the industry. The Cupertino firm is showing the world that it is not just about iPhones. In reality, Apple has been busy expanding its business in recent years to boost its profit. Sources say that Apple is planning to launch its new modem chips for future iPhones in an attempt to reduce its dependence on Intel. Apple is now sourcing modem chips from Intel following a legal battle with Qualcomm. Earlier this year, the American chipmaker accused Apple of contract breach, which forced Apple to switch to Intel for modem chips. Reports claim that Apple is recruiting teams to work on its chip projects at its facilities.

Apple now focuses on music and video streaming services. Last week, the company added Apple Music support to Amazon Echo smart speakers. Apple’s move has been met with a wide welcome on the market as it allows Apple Music subscribers to play their music through an Echo smart speaker. Sources say that Apple Music launch on Echo devices aims to bring its music-streaming service closer to customers worldwide. Apple Music is now available in most parts of the world, but it is still lagging behind Spotify, the world’s number one music-streaming service with more than 70 million paying subscribers.

According to the latest reports, Apple is planning to launch a video-streaming service next year. This will put Apple in contention with Netflix on the market. Netflix now leads the video-streaming service market with millions of subscribers. Netflix has been expanding its service to more markets in recent years to get more profit, so Apple has a lot of things to do to compete with Netflix next year.

Sources say that Apple’s upcoming video-streaming service will have a large catalog of films and TV shows upon release. We will see intense competition in the video and content streaming service market next year as big names launch their new products. Sources say that Disney will release its new video-streaming service called Disney+ with tons of films and cartoons at launch. In reality, Apple has been in talks with content providers in the US, which paves the way for more films and TV shows.

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