Apple plans to open 600 retail stores worldwide by 2023, Say Sources

Apple is one of the biggest names in the smartphone industry. However, the company is showing the world that it is not just about smartphones. Specifically, Apple has been expanding its business in recent years to get more profit. Apple MacBook lineup of laptops is among the best-selling devices on the market.

Apple is shipping millions of MacBook models every year. However, the MacBook series is falling behind Windows 10-powered PCs. Back in July, Apple announced a refresh to its MacBook lineup with Intel’s latest processor and a much-improved Touch Bar.

Apple is also expanding its presence in more markets. Specifically, the Cupertino company has been gradually opening up new retail stores in more countries in the world. According to the latest reports, Apple plans on opening new reseller stores in India in an attempt to boost sales performance.

For some background, Apple is struggling to sell its smartphones in the Indian smartphone market, mainly thanks to its higher price tag. However, Apple iPhone still stands among the best-selling phones in the Indian market. Last year, the iPhone SE received millions of pre-orders in China and India.

Apple is expected to announce a new cheaper iPhone model in India. Besides, the device will be manufactured in the country, which allows Apple to reduce the price tag. Apple’s move aims to attract more customers in the country.

According to the latest sources, Apple is planning to open 600 retail stores worldwide by the year 2023. The Cupertino firm now has more than 500 Apple Stores in the world and 65,000 retail employees. Sources claim that Apple will open more retail stores in emerging markets, including India, Brazil, or China.

China is now the world’s second largest smartphone market where big names are contesting for market ground. Apple is expected to ship 4 million iPhone units during the third quarter of the year in the country.  In reality, Apple is facing a huge competition with the local firms.

Huawei is currently the biggest Chinese smartphone vendor. The company shipped more than 50 million smartphone units during the second quarter of the year. Sources claim that Apple is planning to re-build a wide range of its retail stores worldwide. Besides, the company might open more stores in Southeast Asia. Last year, Apple opened its first retail store in Singapore, allowing users to buy the latest iPhone models.

Apple has been doing some market research in the Philippines and Malaysia. Apple’s move aims to bring its iPhone closer to customers out there. Besides, Apple is planning to re-innovate its physical stores by opening more sections.

At this year’s September event, Apple will launch new iPhone models. 2018 iPhone models are expected to come with a lot of new things like new display, new design, better Siri, and under-display fingerprint scanner. Sources say that Apple will announce an iPhone X Plus in October in India to attract more customers. Reports claim that the cheaper iPhone model will be delayed until October. The reason behind this remains unknown. Let’s wait and see.

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