50 Cool Ideas For Apple Pencil Engraving

You’ve probably been warned a thousand times about how engraving your Apple devices will affect the resale value. In that case, getting your Apple pencil engraved seems like a better option. After all, it costs less than a couple hundred dollars and is a great way to personalize your Apple product, especially since you’re less likely to resell your Pencil.   

With this in mind, you’ll need some cool and unique engraving ideas for your Apple pencil. We have gathered some great suggestions for you, so dive into the details below and enjoy transforming your Apple Pencil into something more than an iPad stylus.

Your Personal Details

Personal details are usually unique, so engraving them on an Apple Pencil is always a popular option. The great thing about personal details is they make it easier to prove the Pencil is yours and increase the chances of recovery in case of theft or loss. 

#1. Your name or initials

#2. Your phone number

#3. Your email address

#4. Your company name

#5. Driver’s license

#6. Student ID number

Ideas for Laughs

If you would love to add a little humor to your Apple experience, there are many fantastic ideas to choose from. 

#7. Not a stylus

#8. Android

#9. Samsung

#10. Microsoft

#11. 2B/2HB

#12. The write pen

#13. 11th finger

#14. My chew toy

#15. Don’t sharpen

An Inspiring Phrase

You can also take advantage of Apple Pencil engraving to give yourself a daily pick-me-up.

#16. Hey, Smile )

#17. Always be happy

#18. Live-love-laugh

#19. You can do it!

Something Meaningful to You

The best way to personalize your Apple Pencil engraving is by adding something meaningful to you. That way, you’ll always enjoy looking at and using your Pencil.

#20. Your most memorable date — wedding date/anniversary date/birthday

#21. Your lucky number 

#22. Your favorite saying

#23. The name of your favorite person

#24. Your favorite word

#25. Your favorite emoji

Something Theft Repelling 

It’s common for Apple pencils to get stolen or misplaced. But people will be less tempted to play finder’s keepers if you engrave your Pencil with a claim.

#26. My property

#27. Hands off

#28. Don’t touch

#29. Mine!!!!

Something That Starts With An “i” 

Apple devices are closely associated with the “i” prefix. Therefore, there are many ways you can personalize your Apple pencil just by adding an “i” in front of a word. Here are a few examples to get you started.

#30. iWrite

#31. iPen

#32. iPencil

#33. iMighty

#34. iStylus

Something that Matches the Existing Words

When you get your Apple Pencil engraved, the text is usually etched next to the Apple logo and the word Pencil. So, for instance, if you choose to engrave “I love my,” it will end up reading “I love my Apple Pencil.

#35. iHeart this…

#36. The best ever…

#37. I love my…

#38. This is my fave…

Personalized Gift ideas

Thinking of buying an Apple Pencil for your loved one? An engraving is the perfect way to ensure they will always remember you whenever they are using it. Depending on the person and the occasion, here are some cool ideas you can use.

#39. My person

#40. Love you

#41. Forever yours

#42. Congratulations

#43. Thanks (name of person)

#44. From Mom/Dad/ or From Your Friend.Son/Daughter

Give Your Apple Pencil a Cool Name

Your Apple Pencil is designed to perform many precision tasks like writing and sketching. Why not give it a cool name to match its cool functions?

#45. Scribbler

#46. Number 2

#47. Number 3

#48. Gen 2/Gen 3

#49. Mighty pen

#50. My Muse (for art lovers)

Apple Pencil Engraving FAQs and Other Need to Know Details

How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Apple Pencil Engraved?

Getting your Pencil engraved is free of charge when your order it online from Apple. 

How Many Characters Are Allowed?

You can only engrave text that’s 15 characters long on your Apple Pencil.

Can I Opt for Lower Case Letters?

No, Apple Pencil engraving can only be done in capital letters.

Are There Any Characters That Are Off Limits?

According to the information on Apple’s website, you can choose to add emojis, black and white numbers, any letter of the alphabet. 

Some characters can’t be engraved, and the best way to know what will work is by visiting Apple’s website, selecting the free engraving choice, and adding the letters, emojis, and numbers you want.

Can I Engrave a 1st Gen Apple Pencil?

No, only the Second Gen Apple pencil is compatible for engraving.

Can You Remove Apple Pencil Engraving?

Keep in mind that engraving Your Pencil means some material is removed during the etching process. Thus, to remove the engraving, you’ll have to fill it in or cover it (whiteout). Alternatively, you can buy an Apple pencil skin to hide the engraving.

How Long Does it Take to Engrave An Apple Pencil?

Typically, choosing to engrave your Pencil delays delivery by 1-3 days. However, this could take longer during high-demand seasons.

Can I Get my Apple Pencil Engraving After Purchase?

No, you can only engrave your Pencil if you choose the option at the same time you make the online purchase. However, you may be able to find a company that provides professional laser-etching for Apple products, though it won’t be for free.

Can I Engrave my Apple Pencil In-Store?

Unfortunately, you can’t get your Apple Pencil engraved in-store only when you buy online.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Getting Your Apple Pencil Engraved?

For starters, free customization means you’ll have to wait longer for your Pencil to be delivered. Plus, your options are somewhat limited because of the 15-character limit, and if you decide to use a sleeve skin, the engraving won’t be visible anymore. 

In most instances, since your Apple pencil is vulnerable to damage, you’ll have to keep it in its protective case, meaning you won’t be able to showcase the engraving as much as you like. Not to mention that your Pencil will likely be harder to resell, which reduces its resale value.

Is It Worth It Getting My Apple Pencil Engraved?

Most Apple users love the engraving option that comes with the 2nd Gen Apple Pencil because it’s a great way to stand out from other Pencil owners.

Personalizing your Pencil makes it easier to avoid mixups and reduces the likelihood of your Pencil getting stolen or resold. Engraving also adds a personal touch when gifting the pen to someone.

What other Apple devices can I buy with the engraving service?

It’s possible to engrave messages on AirPods, iPad, iPod Touch and AirTags.

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