Apple Pencil 3: Release Date, Rumors, and Leaks

There is no doubt that Apple Pencil is the best iPad accessory for both professional and casual users. The good news is we can finally expect a new Apple Pencil this year. To save you the trouble, we’ve rounded up everything we know so far about the Apple Pencil 3.

New Design & Color 

According to trusted leaks on Twitter, the Apple Pencil (Gen 3) will come with a new color option and a few changes in the design. Based on the leaked image (below), the new Apple Pencil will have a glossy finish instead of matte. Also, the new tip seems slightly different on the inside. 

On top of that, there are also rumors about a new black option for the Apple pencil 3. If this is true, then we can also expect Apple to release its next-gen Apple Pencil in other different colors later on.

Additionally, there is also a short clip on Twitter that shows the new Apple Pencil 3 with a combination of a shiny surface, something we have already seen on the Apple Pencil 2.

Besides that, the new stylus won’t feature so many design changes. Honestly, this is such a letdown because last time the Apple Pencil has not seen a significant design change since the days of the Apple Pencil 2

Apple Pencil 3 New Features 

Even though it seems like Apple won’t make any significant changes to the Apple Pencil 3 design, its new features, however, could be the game-changer. 

Color Copying

New Apple Pencil with a color sensor
New Apple Pencil with a color sensor

A patent Apple applied for in 2020 indicates that the company is working on a new technology that could allow the Apple Pencil to copy colors from the real world to use in digital art, drawings, edits, and more. Plus, with the new tip design that we’ve seen in the leaked photo above, we can be sure that this new feature will come equipped with the 3rd generation Apple Pencil.

Touch Bar

One of the new features that we could see in the next Apple Pencil is a Touch Bar-like display. The above image indicates some kind of Force Touch capabilities that could allow for extra functionality. Although the chance of this happening is quite small, it’s still worth waiting for.

Zoom Control

There are also some rumors that suggest that the new Pencil will be equipped with a twist motion acting as a trigger for detecting orientation and movements. This seems to be a built-right zoom control feature, which allows users to zoom out to see the bigger image.

Haptic Feedback

Haptic feedback is another new feature that could be set to arrive in the new Apple Pencil. This means your Apple Pencil can vibrate in response to data fed by an iPad or iPhone, making it feel like writing on paper or other textures. Even though this update might not seem apparent or even useful, it could still make your drawing or writing experience more authentic.

AR/VR Features

While this might look like a strange idea when combining Apple Pencil with VR or AR software. It could become a fascinating new way to interact with digital images and data.

Apple Pencil 3 Release Date 

Until now, Apple has yet to confirm anything about the official launch date of its next Apple Pencil. The first-gen model made its debut in November 2015, and the second-gen version was launched three years later in November 2018. Based on this launch history, we can expect to see the Apple Pencil 3 this November 2021 if Apple sticks to its pattern.

Apple Pencil 3 Price

As for the price, the first Apple Pencil starting price was $99 at launch. Then, the price for the second-gen model saw an increase at $129. Depending on some of the new technologies and features mentioned above, Apple could lift the Apple Pencil 3 price a bit higher. So, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a $159 price tag. But, let’s hope that Apple will keep the Apple Pencil 3 price around $130 while also lowering the older models to a more affordable price.

If the rumors are correct, we will see some amazing, never-before-seen features on the Apple Pencil 3 this year. Also, make sure to come back here for more info about the next Apple Pencil as we continue to update the latest news!

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