Apple Pay hits more banks and credit unions in the US

Apple Pay is one of the most used mobile payment services on the market. Apple first introduced its payment service back in 2014 and Apple Pay quickly gained its own market ground out there. Apple is facing so much competition in the payment service market as Google Pay and Samsung Pay are contesting so hard for ground.

Apple has a lot of work to do to improve its payment service and tries to reclaim some lost market share. The Cupertino company has been slowly expanding its service to more markets in recent years. Back in 2017, Apple Pay support hit a wide range of banks and financial institutions.

Back in June 2018, Apple launched its mobile payment service to Poland. Users in the country are able to add their credit card details to the Wallet app to make payments with Apple Pay. Apple’s payment service was accepted by a number of local banks and financial institutions at launch.

Apple has been in talks with local banks to expand the availability of its payment service. Sources say that Apple Pay will hit more countries later this year. Apple claims that the Cupertino company will launch its service in Germany. However, it remains unknown when this happens.

Apple is also expanding its payment service to more banks and financial institutions in the US. Apple Pay is now widely accepted at a wide range of retailers across the country. Earlier this week, Costco, one of the biggest retailers in the world, confirmed that the company now accepts Apple Pay at its warehouses.

Costco has been equipping its warehouses with contactless terminals in recent months. Users are now able to make payments using their iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch at Costco’s warehouses across the US.

However, Walmart, the world’s biggest retailer, won’t follow in the footsteps of Costco in supporting Apple Pay. Walmart says that the company has no plans to accept Apple’s mobile payment service at its stores in the US. Instead, the company continues to rely on its own payment service called Walmart Pay.

Apple is focusing on expanding Apple Pay support to more local banks in the US. Apple has posted a list of new banks and credit unions that support Apple Pay. This includes some major banks like Essex Bank, First National Bank in Howell, Green Dot Bank, Los Alamos National Bank, Seacoast Commerce Bank, and many more.

Apple Pay hits the top spot in the US payment service market. Apple Pay is now accepted by millions of retailers, beating Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Google Pay is now available in 30 markets, but Google is focusing on international markets. Samsung Pay is struggling to grab the market ground in the US.

Samsung now dominates the Asian payment service market. Samsung Pay is now accepted at millions of stores and retailers in South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. Tech experts say that Apple will be struggling to bring its mobile payment service to Asian markets as its iPhone models are seeing a slow sales performance.

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