Apple on Lockdown in China Due to CoronaVirus

Apple has begun temporarily closing all of it’s corporate offices, stores, and contact centers in China as the coronavirus escalates. This is an issue for a lot of businesses in China and a necessary action to be taken to ensure containment of this virus. But, for how long will they be closed? Well it depends entirely on how long it will take for the initial threat of the virus to be contained. As of now, neighboring countries have also begun closing businesses to prevent an epidemic.

What does this mean for the US?

Generally speaking, the coronavirus isn’t going to be an impact on you getting your Apple products. However, it will affect how many products Apple can manufacture and distribute to the world while this outbreak is at it’s peak. Will this affect you? Probably not.

What does this mean for Apple?

It’s going to be a main concern for Apple, but not for anyone else. They produce more than 15% of their sales from China and around 25% of its operating income there too. Having said that, publicly, they are more concerned with everyone’s wellbeing, releasing this statement earlier this week:

Our thoughts are with the people most immediately affected by the Coronavirus and with those working around the clock to study and contain it. Out of an abundance of caution and based on the latest advice from leading health experts, we’re closing all our corporate offices, stores and contact centers in mainland China through February 9. Apple’s online store in China remains open. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and we look forward to reopening our stores as soon as possible.

In total, Apple has closed 42 stores in China. This is doesn’t make it impossible for Chinese customers to buy Apple products though as they still have their online store open. Apple said they are working on reopening their stores as soon as possible but realistically, it’s out of their hands. Having said that, as soon as they get the green light, Apple can jump into action straight away.

Could this spell the end for Apple?

Coronavirus stocks

Apple’s stocks started to drop down after the news was released. Which, just like the corona virus, has probably caused some panic, but perhaps it’s not as bad as it seems. Apple are going to be hit by this, but in such a minor way. 2019 was a very successful year for Apple and the Wuhan corona virus won’t be it’s downfall. Consider this a tactical retreat, a company like Apple will bounce back stronger than ever.

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