Apple’s 6.1 inch iPhone: All rumors, release date, and features

Apple iPhone is among the best flagship phones you can buy right now on the market. The Cupertino is now selling three iPhone models at its retail stores, including iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. Apple iPhone X sets you back around $999 for the SIM-free version. With a staggering price tag, you will get a curved OLED display, an all-glass back design, and Face ID.

iPhone X is undoubtedly one of the most expensive phones ever released to the public. Buying an iPhone X outright will burn a serious hole in your wallet. Apple is expected to launch a cheaper iPhone model this year to target the mid-range smartphone segment.

Rumors claim that Apple will announce a new 6.1 inch iPhone model at its annual September event. The upcoming phone will belong to the mid-range segment, meaning that it may lack some premium features and components to achieve a lower price tag.

In reality, rumors regarding Apple’s 6.1 inch iPhone model have been out there for months, giving us a preview of Apple’s upcoming device.

In this section below, we have rounded up everything we know so far about Apple’s 6.1 inch iPhone model. For some background, Apple has not specified when the company’s annual launch event will take place. Tech experts say that the event will kick off between 4 and 6 September this year.

  1. Design

Last year, Apple unveiled the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with some design hints from the 7 and 7 Plus. We are expecting to see something special from Apple this year. Rumors claim that Apple has been working on a new design language for its iPhone lineup. However, it seems that the Cupertino company will adopt a new design on its premium phones this year.

Sources say that the upcoming 6.1 inch iPhone model will look identical to the current iPhone 8. However, the device will be thicker than the iPhone X because it features an LCD display instead of an OLED panel. Some recently-leaked images show an iPhone model with larger bezels than the other models.

Besides, the device will retain an all-glass back design from the current iPhone lineup. Last year, Apple moved away from the traditional aluminum design. Instead, the company re-adopted glass-back design which was once a fan favorite on iPhone 4.

  1. Display

The upcoming iPhone will feature a 6.1-inch display. However, the phone will stick with LCD panel. This goes against what we heard in previous rumors that all 2018 iPhone models will feature OLED display.

iPhone X is the first iPhone model with an OLED display panel. The adoption of OLED panel offers more details, a much-improved picture quality, and less power consumption. However, Apple is having supply issues, so the company will use OLED display on premium iPhone only.

In reality, Apple has been looking for new suppliers of OLED displays for its future iPhone models. Samsung is currently Apple’s sole supplier of OLED panels, but LG Display is now ready to join the supply chain this year.

 Ming-Chi-Kuo, who is best known for giving his accurate forecasts when it comes to Apple products, claims that the 6.1 inch iPhone’s display will offer between 320 and 330 pixels. This is lower than the 401 offering on the iPhone 8 Plus. Besides, the 6.1-inch device will not come with 3D Touch at launch.

  1. Performance

Last month, rumors claimed that TSMC will be providing A12 chipset for this year’s iPhone models. The A12 chip will use a 7-nanometer design that offers a much-improved performance and more power efficiency than the 10-nanometer chips that power the iPhone 8/8 Plus.

However, it remains unknown whether Apple will use the A12 chip on its 6.1-inch device this year. Sources say that the upcoming A12 chip will fuel premium iPhone models. Instead, the 6.1-inch device will stick with the A11 chip Apple currently uses on iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

According to rumors, the 6.1 inch iPhone will have 3GB of RAM at launch. iPhone X Plus, on the other hands, will have 4GB of RAM for better multitasking.

Besides, the 6.1-inch device will come with lighting connectivity and wireless charging. Apple first included wireless charging on its iPhone last year. In reality, wireless charging has been part of Android devices for years. Rumors say that all 2018 iPhone models will feature wireless charging functionality at launch. Other rumored features include a new camera setup, a much-improved Touch ID, and a better battery life.

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