Best Mousepad for Magic Mouse 2: Do You Need One?

Mouse Pad and Magic Mouse 2

Whether you’re experiencing difficulty with the tracking performance of your Apple Magic Mouse 2 or you’re simply looking for a good mousepad that works well with it, you’ve come to the right place. While some users may not notice a difference in performance when using a mousepad with the Magic Mouse 2, others find it essential for precision and control.

In fact, there are several mousepads available in the market that have been tested and proven to work seamlessly with the Apple Magic Mouse 2, regardless of whether you’re experiencing tracking issues or not. In this article, we’ll delve into whether a mousepad is necessary for the Apple Magic Mouse 2 and recommend some of the best products available in the market. So, whether you’re a graphic designer, gamer, or someone who uses their computer for everyday tasks, a good mousepad can make all the difference in enhancing the performance and functionality of your Apple Magic Mouse 2.

Do You Need a Mousepad with Apple Magic Mouse?

Yes, it’s necessary to purchase a mousepad for your magic mouse. This accessory isn’t just stylish, but it improves the functionality of your magic mouse. It’s not mandatory to purchase it if you find cheaper alternatives, but this isn’t recommended.

However, you should note that some surfaces may not effectively reflect the laser, causing your mouse to have poor tracking. Apple Magic mousepads offer a great reflecting surface, allowing your mouse laser to track accurately.

Top 3 Best Mousepads For Magic Mouse

If you’ve been searching for a mousepad to enhance the efficiency of your Apple Magic Mouse, there are three options worth considering. Here’s a more detailed overview.

3M Precise Mouse Pad

3M Precise Mouse Pad Enhances the Precision of Optical Mice at Fast Speeds and Extends the Battery Life of Wireless Mice up to Fifty Percent, Easy to Clean, Stays in Place, 9 in x 8 in (MP114-BSD1)

When working with a magic mouse, you require a good surface to reduce skipping errors or loss of signal. The 3M Precise mousepad surface guarantees accuracy in movement regardless of your desired speed. An outstanding feature of this mousepad is the high-quality foam padding with non-skid material that ensures the rapid movement rate of your mouse.

The 3M mousepad surface also allows accurate movement of your mouse regardless of the speed you choose. This helps to extend your mouse’s battery life.  Like its close counterparts, SenseAGE and Hard Silver Metal, it features a non-skid backing that ensures it stays firmly in place while in use.


  • Features a precise surface for enhanced precision
  • It comes in a thin design
  • It saves your mouse battery life


  • It might leave residue on the mouse

Hard Silver Metal Aluminum Mouse Pad

Hard Silver Metal Aluminum Mouse Pad Mat Smooth Magic Ultra Thin Double Side Mouse Mat Waterproof Fast and Accurate Control for Gaming and Office(Small 9.05X7.08 Inch)

This mouse pad features a water-resistant, soft fabric that’s easy to clean. The metal side is designed from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, making this mousepad stylish, smooth and sleek. Unlike other hard mousepad surfaces like glass, this Vaydeer mousepad is silent. It even features an anti-slip plastic leather downside which keeps your mouse from fidgeting and gliding. It also prevents your table from damage and scuff marks.


  • It comes in a waterproof design
  • It’s compatible with a laser mouse
  • It cannot be easily broken


  • The aluminum design produces scratching sounds

SenseAGE Slim Mouse Pad

SenseAGE Slim Mouse Pad for Home/Office, Portable Mouse Mat for Computer & Laptop, Seamless Clothing, Precise Control, Non-Slip Base, Compatible with Laser and Optical Mouse, 8.66” x 8.66”, Light Grey

The mousepad is thin with a soft top surface and rubber-like back to prevent movement while using it. It even features a smooth clothing surface that offers excellent speed, perfect for your daily office work. The mousepad is large and has a thin design, meaning that you can place your computer over it, and it won’t sit awkwardly.


  • Features a high-quality, durable material that’s easy to clean
  • It has a non-slip rubber bottom which prevents sliding when using the mouse


  • The mouse might have some drag

Maximize Your Magic Mouse: A Guide to Choosing the Best Mousepad

Selecting the right mousepad affects how you navigate your computer. The primary function of Apple mouse pads is to offer an optimized surface to ensure that your sensor detects movement at your preferred speed and that you have better control of your sensor.

Statistics show that the smart mouse pad market is expected to grow at a compound growth rate (CAGR) between 2021 and 2027. Some of the things that are forecasted to drive the growth include price patterns and consumer behavior.

That said, if you plan to purchase the Apple magic mousepad, there are different things you should consider before making your choice. Here’s what to keep in mind during your selection process.

The Material Used For Construction

Regardless of how you plan to use your Apple magic mousepad, the type of material used in its construction is something you shouldn’t overlook. Different materials are used to construct mousepads, like glass, aluminum, silicon, cloth, etc. While this is the case, mousepads are broadly classified as hard pads and soft pads.

The soft Apple magic mousepads are designed from fabric or soft foam, like the SenseAGE Slim Mouse Pad and 3 M Precise Mouse Pad. Given that they are made of cloth, you can easily roll and take them anywhere.  Unlike the hard mousepad surface, the soft option makes less noise as you slide your mouse. The grip under the soft pads doesn’t wear out as quickly as those of hard surfaces.

Hard mousepads like the Vaydeer Hard Silver Metal Aluminum pad are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a silent hard surface mousepad that offers excellent precision when using magic mouse 2.

Size of the Mousepad

Mousepads come in different sizes, like extended, large, medium and small. Large mousepads are an excellent choice for anyone who works behind big screens, such as graphic designers. This is because they can make long and short mouse glides without touching the edges of the mouse pad. Small mousepad designs are ideal for your office work because you don’t require excellent precision and speed.

The Thickness of Your Mousepad Matters

The base of your mousepad is what determines its thickness. A thin base measures (2 to 2.5mm), a standard base measures (3 to 3.5mm), while a heavy base measures (5mm). The great thing about thin mousepads is that they’re flexible, which means they can take the shape of the surface they’re placed on.

Therefore, if your tabletop surface has deeps or contours, your mousepad will conform to the surface. Standard mousepads are also a popular choice because they’re not too thick or too thin and also not rigid to maintain a uniform surface.

The Finishing Type Around The Edges

When purchasing cloth mousepads, confirm that your mouse pad edges have a thick stitch frame. This ensures that the seams between the base and the surface are secured correctly. If the edge of your cloth Apple Magic mouse pad doesn’t have any stitching, it will begin to fray after continued use, reducing the lifespan of your mouse pad. The edges of the hard mousepad should be smooth to prevent scratching your wrist.

Final Thoughts

Most people investing in a mousepad for the first time may not understand its importance in interacting with their machine. If you plan to purchase a magic mouse 2 or already have one, you should ensure that you use the Apple magic mousepad for better performance.

Based on the points highlighted in this guide, I would recommend cloth mousepad surfaces because they’re easy to clean, and their grip doesn’t wear quickly. Bottom line, remember that your selection should be based on your usability needs.

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