Apple MacBook Pro: Everything you need to know about Apple’s top laptop

Apple MacBook Pro is one of the most powerful laptops on the market. First debuted back in 2006, the MacBook Pro quickly gained its popularity out there, with praise directed at its stunning design and high performance. The MacBook family has changed so much since its day one, with new hardware and improved design.

Last year, Apple announced a refresh to its MacBook Pro after months of leaks. The 2018 MacBook Pro retains what we have loved about the Pro lineup while adding a load of new things. The MacBook Pro series receives new hardware update every year and we are expecting to see something new this year.

In reality, rumors regarding the next generation MacBook Pro have been around for months. We have heard a lot of speculation that there will be two new MacBook Pro models this year, including a 13-inch and a 15-inch. Rumors also say that Apple will unveil a 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2019, making it the biggest MacBook ever made in the company’s history. Besides, the new model will have 32GB of RAM, up from the current limit of 16GB.

If you are new to the Apple MacBook Pro, then we have you covered. In the section below, we have rounded up everything you need to know about Apple’s Pro lineup of laptops.

  1. MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

In 2016, Apple debuted its MacBook Pro with Touch Bar at its October event. Basically, Touch Bar is a multi-touch Retina display that sits at the top of the keyboard and replaces the traditional function keys. The coolest part is that it changes depending on what you are doing on your Mac to offer relevant controls and shortcuts. However, Touch Bar is not everyone’s favorite as some still stick with non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro models. In reality, Touch Bar is now more useful and smarter than before and includes better support for apps and games. Sources say that Apple will add an option to disable Touch Bar on 2019 MacBook Pro.

According to the latest sources, there will be more ports on 2019 MacBook Pro. The adoption of Thunderbolt 3 allows for faster charging and data transfer. However, Thunderbolt is a thing of the future as most of our accessories are stuck in the past. Indeed, you need to spend some cash on new cables or adapters. Under the hood, the 2019 MacBook Pro will be powered by Intel’s latest processor. In reality, the current MacBook Pro features Intel’s Coffee Lake chip, but Intel released Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake processors, putting the Pro model behind the curve on the market.

  1. Graphics card

Apple has its tradition of using Radeon graphics cards on its Mac family. The maxed-out MacBook Pro now features Radeon Pro 560X graphics card with 4GB of GDDR5 memory. The best part is that you can upgrade to Vega graphics for an extra $350. However, Apple is now using a dedicated graphics card on 15-inch MacBook Pro only. Sources say that Apple will bring Radeon graphics cards to its 13-inch MacBook Pro. However, it remains unknown how Apple manages to build it into its smaller laptops. If this is the case, the 13-inch MacBook Pro lineup will see a slight hike in price on the market.

Reports claim that Apple may switch to NVIDIA GPUs on its future MacBook Pro models. In reality, Apple once used an NVIDIA GPU inside its Power Macintosh G4, which was released in January 2001. And, the Cupertino firm has been using GPUs made by ATI since then. Sources say that Apple will continue to use ATI-branded processors on its MacBook Pro until 2021.

  1. Prices

Apple MacBook Pro is not cheap out there, in fact, it is one of the most expensive laptops ever released to the public. The current 13-inch MacBook Pro now starts at $1,799 in the US for the model with 8th-gen Intel processor and 256GB SSD storage. Meanwhile, the 15-inch model with the top configuration retails for $2,799 in the US. Apple is still selling older versions of MacBook Pro at cheaper rates or you can enjoy Apple’s best MacBook deals during holiday’s shopping season. However, the new MacBook Pro models hardly get a price cut at New Year’s Eve.

  1. How to buy a MacBook Pro

Apple is now selling its new MacBook Pro at its retail stores and online store. However, make sure you check the Apple website for shipments and stock in your country. Alternatively, you can buy an older MacBook Pro at Amazon for a cheaper rate, but keep in mind that not all of the sellers out there are trusted.

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