Apple iPhone 9: What we expect from Apple’s 6.1 inch iPhone

Apple iPhone is among the most anticipated phones on the market. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide line up in front of local App Stores and try to be among the first to get new iPhone models. Apple has not specified when the company will announce this year’s iPhone models. However, we know that all new iPhones will be unveiled in September.

In reality, rumors regarding this year’s iPhone models have been circulating around in recent months. Reports claim that Apple will launch three iPhones this year, including an affordable model, and two premium devices.

The mid-range iPhone will target emerging countries but lack some premium features and components. According to reliable sources, the 6.1 inch iPhone model will be called iPhone 9 and will launch to the public alongside two other models.

In the section below, we have created a list of what Apple may include in this year’s iPhone 9 model.

  1. Design

Back in 2016, Apple announced the iPhone SE, a 4-inch iPhone model which was designed for those who were looking for a small-screened device. The iPhone SE sports the same design as the iPhone 5s, but Apple upgraded the internal hardware. In reality, the iPhone SE is not a mid-range phone, but it is still a hot item in emerging markets like China or India.

Sources say that the upcoming iPhone 9 will replace the iPhone SE on the market. However, tech experts claim that the iPhone 9 will feature a new design at launch this year. Some recent reports have suggested that the device will keep up with the latest design trend, with smaller bezels and top notch.

However, the iPhone 9 will stick with the LCD display panel to cut down the production costs. In fact, the X is the first iPhone model with an OLED panel, so it makes sense that the device carries a staggering a $999 price tag at launch.

Some reports claim that LG Display will be providing LCD displays for iPhone 9 this year. The South Korean firm reportedly secured a contract with Apple to supply millions of display panels for future iPhones. LG Display will share the LCD volume with Samsung. Samsung and Apple have been in a longtime partnership, with Samsung providing hundreds of millions of OLED units.

  1. Face ID

Face ID is Apple’s new security measure that allows users to unlock their iPhone with a simple glance. In reality, Face ID is not something new out there as we have seen a similar feature on Android.

Face ID has been met with a wide welcome since the launch day, with praise directed at its usefulness. Apple has been improving Face ID every day to offer a better user experience. Sources say that the iPhone 9 will feature Face ID this year. However, it seems that the device will come with the 1st gen Face ID.

Besides, the iPhone 9 will sport a TrueDepth camera for a much-improved picture quality. However, tech experts say that the adoption of the TrueDepth camera technology will boost the price of the device. Therefore, Apple will have a lot of work to do to integrate the new camera tech into the device, while achieving a lower price tag.

  1. New colors

In 2013, Apple launched the iPhone 5C to the public following months of rumors and reports. The letter “C” stands for colors. The device was available in a variety of colors, including green, blue, yellow, pink, and white.

Sources say that the upcoming iPhone 9 will come in new color options. Sources say that Apple has been testing new colors for its future iPhones, ranging from White, Black to Orange and Pink. Tech experts claim that the iPhone 9 will be available in 4 new colors at launch, with more to come in the future.

  1. Power and camera

It remains unknown what’s coming under the hood. However, many tech experts predict that the iPhone 9 will be powered by the Apple’s A11X Bionic chip which fuels the current iPhone X. Besides, the device will have 3GB of RAM for a better multitasking mode. The iPhone 9 will run iOS 12 at launch, thus offering a much greater performance ranging from playing games to editing photos.

When it comes to cameras, the iPhone 9 will feature a dual camera setup. Specifically, the model will have two 12 MP shooters on the back, while there is a 7MP front-facing snapper. Sources say that Apple will improve the lens on the iPhone 9 to offer a better photo at low-light conditions.

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