Apple iPhone 2018: Specs, release date, and features

It’s been more than 10 years since Apple first debuted its iPhone model. The original iPhone quickly took the center stage at Apple’s event following months of endless rumors and speculation. The first iPhone received mostly positive reviews, with most critics praising its premium design and skills. However, the device saw a slow sales performance thanks to its staggering price tag.

Back in 2008, Apple launched the iPhone 3, which marked a huge change over the original model with the introduction of 3G data functionality, the App Store, and GPS. The iPhone 3G was the best-selling phone in 2008, with millions of units sold. The best part is that Apple reduced the price of the phone to a more comfortable level.

Last year, Apple announced three iPhone models, including iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. With iPhone X, Apple had some daring changes like Face ID, an all-glass back design, and curved OLED display. Rumors say that there will be a significant change coming to this year’s iPhone models.

Reports claim that Apple will unveil three new iPhone models this year, one of which includes an iPhone X Plus. Apple will also debut a new cheaper 6.1 inch iPhone and a standard iPhone at its event. With a lot of contradictory rumors, it’s hard to tell what’s coming in this year’s iPhone models.

In the section below, we have rounded up everything you should know about the upcoming iPhone models. For some background, Apple has not specified when we are seeing new iPhone models. Tech experts say that new iPhone models will make their debut on September 12 this year.

  1. Intel chips

Apple has its tradition of using Qualcomm’s wireless modems on its iPhone models. However, Apple and Qualcomm have been in a full-scale war for months following reports of Apple sharing chip code with Intel, Qualcomm’s main competitor.

According to recent reports, Apple will stop using Qualcomm’s wireless chips for its future iPhone models. Instead, the company will switch to Intel’s modems. However, tech experts say that 2018 iPhone release will mark the first time Apple drops the use of Qualcomm’s modems.

In reality, Intel’s modem chips are slower than Qualcomm’s counterparts when it comes to downloading data. Reports claim that Intel has secured a deal with Apple to supply the company with wireless modems for next iPhone release.

  1. A cheaper iPhone won’t ship until October

Reports claim that Apple will launch a cheaper iPhone model at its September event. The device will sport a 6.1 inch LCD display and lack some important features at launch. Apple’s move aims to achieve a lower price tag this year.

According to the latest reports, the 6.1 inch iPhone model will not be available until October this year. The reason behind this delay is that Apple needs more time to handle LED backlight leakage on its iPhones.

Last year, Apple pushed back the release date of the iPhone X to November due to supply issues. Apple has been looking for suppliers of OLED displays for next iPhone release for months. Reports suggest that LG Display will be providing Apple with OLED panels for 2019 iPhone models.

In reality, Samsung Display is now Apple’s sole supplier of OLED display panels. Samsung Display and Apple reached an agreement which sees the South Korean firm supply hundreds of millions of OLED panels.

  1. What will Apple call this year’s iPhone?

It remains unknown what Apple will call its new iPhone models this year. Some reliable sources claim that Apple will launch an iPhone XS and an iPhone X Plus. Last year, Apple moved away from its  “S” series and went straight to the iPhone X.

If this is the case, Apple will remove the iPhone 9 this year. Apple’s main rival, Samsung skipped the number 6 and unveiled the Galaxy Note 7. However, Samsung discontinued the device after reports of battery issues.

  1. Triple camera setup

Apple has been improving the cameras on its iPhone models for years. Back in 2016, Apple first included a dual-camera setup with its iPhone 7 Plus. Sources have suggested that this year’s iPhone will have three rear cameras, giving a much-improved photo quality in low-light conditions.

In reality, the Huawei’s P20 Pro is the first phone model with three front-facing cameras. Sources say that Apple has been working on a new camera technology for its iPhone models. However, the technology is not ready until 2019.

We are expecting a lot of new things from Apple this year. Apart from iPhone models, Apple is rumored to debut new iPads at its September event.

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