Apple Glasses: Everything We Know So Far

The Apple Glasses are a futuristic, first-generation wearable product in the pipeline. So, here’s everything we know so far, including release date, price, and design.


The most current Apple Glass prototype leak looks like a Bespoke plastic glasses (like Clark Kent glasses). The device is believed to feature a LiDAR scanner, but no other cameras for privacy reasons. Furthermore, it also comes with a plastic stand and supports wireless chargers.

Even though the glasses won’t be lightweight, they will be comfortable enough to wear like everyday glasses. Plus, Apple Glass might also have a modular trick up its sleeve. On top of that, some rumors suggest that Apple glasses will feature swappable arms, which offer a distinct purpose or a new function. Unfortunately, there are no plans for the first generation of Apple Glass to come in different colors. In addition, Apple might use Sony OLED displays for AR, according to display analyst Ross Young.

Apple Glass Features

Apple Glass is expected to run on Starboard (or glassOS), a proprietary operating system uncovered in iOS 13. The augmented reality framework shows up multiple times in this iOS version code and text documents. That means the company has been testing Apple glasses activation and apps since 2020.

According to some reports, the Apple AR Glasses will bring information from your phone screen to your face. Also, the eyewear is expected to synchronize with an iPhone in order to display things like texts, emails, and games over the user’s field of vision.

Apple glasses can change user background like Zoom

Besides, Apple also has plans for third-party apps, similar to how you get apps for the Apple TV and Apple Watch. Moreover, some rumors say that Apple Glasses won’t even need prescription lenses because they can automatically adjust for people with poor eyesight using an “optical subassembly”. Meanwhile, other leaks describe how you will be able to change your backgrounds (similar to Zoom) or perform chroma-keying.

Virtual Travel

One rumor points to how it could let you see places all over the world like Google’s Street View. The difference is that this view would be projected directly onto the Apple Glass lenses. Therefore, you can digitally teleport to different locations. There is a similar feature in the Apple Maps app called Look Around, but this will be much more immersive on Apple Glass.

 Augmented Reality

Catadioptric optical system 

According to a patent, Apple is working on a set of frames that are powered by an iPhone instead of using an independent display and software. Also, there are hints about how these smart glasses can help you see in the dark via depth sensors. And, Apple will add a catadioptric optical system – a series of lenses designed to project images into the user’s eyes. This feature will help you see digital items placed in the real world.

Release Date

According to TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple Glass won’t be ready to ship until 2022 at the earliest. However, 2021 will be the year we see Apple’s first AR device. And, this might turn out to be Apple Glasses. 

On the contrary, a leaked Apple presentation suggests the launch date will be in 2023. Well, maybe all could be wrong! Jon Prosser (a reputable Apple leaker) says Apple Glasses might come sooner than we thought. He believes the launch is aimed for “March-June 2021”. Also, he mentions that the company will announce Apple Glass before it’s ready for shipping (like what the company did with the first-generation Apple Watch). No matter what, the project is definitely in the works now!


Apple Glasses will be priced at around $499, including prescription fees. That may seem low to some people, especially when compared to the Microsoft Hololens 2 ($3,500). A big part of this cost comes from having all the electronics needed to run the AR experience built into the headset. 

On the other hand, Apple Glass will rely on a companion iPhone for processing. So, it will be significantly less complex than the Hololens 2. Personally, I think the device will be more like the Vuzix Blade smart glasses ($799), which have a built-in camera and Alexa integration.

Let us know what you think about Apple glasses and what you want from them in the comments!

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