Apple CEO Cites Jobs in Explaining Change of Opinion on VR Glasses

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has been hinting at the company’s interest in virtual reality (VR) for quite some time now. In a recent interview with GQ’s Zach Baron, Cook mentioned his “interest” in the technology and was reminded of his past criticism of Google Glass. Cook had once stated that people wouldn’t like to use such devices as they were invasive and didn’t blend in with the user’s surroundings, which goes against Apple’s philosophy of integrating products into users’ routines. However, it seems like Cook’s opinion may have changed.

Apple to release VR glasses to make a significant contribution to users During the GQ interview, Cook stated that Apple’s goal was to deliver a product that would make a significant contribution to users. The same would apply to any VR glasses that Apple might release in the future.

“Can we make a significant contribution, where it’s something else that we’re not doing today? Can we own the primary technology? I don’t want to put those pieces together myself, because we’ll never innovate that way. We want to own and control the primary technology behind the products that we make.” – Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Although Cook didn’t confirm if Apple would release a VR headset (possibly called Reality Pro) in the near future, his reaction to being reminded of calling Google Glass a “flop” hints at such a release. Cook stated that his thoughts always evolve and mentioned that Steve Jobs had taught him never to hold on to yesterday’s convictions. Cook added that if someone proves him wrong, he’s not afraid to admit it.

Apple may unveil Reality Pro in June

There have been inaccurate predictions about the release of Apple’s Reality Pro, previously called Apple Glasses. However, rumors suggest that the company may unveil the product in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023, which starts on June 5th. While the event is primarily focused on developers, Apple has used the stage to introduce new Macs in the past.

Although Cook’s statements were not definitive, the media has been more open about the possibility of Apple releasing a VR headset. Mark Gurman, one of the leading reporters covering Apple, revealed that the prototype was shown to the company’s executives during a meeting led by Cook last year. The Financial Times also reported in March that Cook had made the final decision to launch the VR headset this year, despite disagreements among the industrial design and operations teams. In the end, Cook sided with the operations team and decided to launch the product sooner rather than later.

In conclusion, while Cook didn’t explicitly confirm Apple’s plans to release a VR headset, his statements, along with reports from insiders and media, suggest that such a product may be in the works. With the WWDC just a few months away, we may soon see if Apple is ready to take the plunge into the VR market.

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