Apple Card: A new kind of credit card

The Apple Card is here and we’re going to tell you why you should get one. Don’t confuse this with any other credit card you own, this will revolutionise the way we pay. There’s a ton of new features that come with the Apple Card that completely rethinks how credit cards should be.

The Power of the iPhone

For those who are familiar with Apple Pay, you’ll also be familiar with how much easier it has made your life. With security features like Touch ID and Face ID, Apple Card has a new and unique way of securing your account that other credit cards simply cannot recreate. Firstly, you dont need to wait days to get your new card, you can just sign up on your iPhone and you’ll be set up and ready to pay with your new card in minutes!

Apple Pay
Apple Card intends to utilise the full power of the iPhone

Your Apple card is always with you

All of the details about your account are in the Apple Wallet,  and the Apple Wallet has completely new features so you can see everything you need to know about your Apple Card, like how much you owe and when you need to pay. The Wallet App can also tell you what you spent, how much you spent and where you spent it.

This sounds a lot like online banking, right? Well, not exactly as you have a clear list of places you’ve been with logos and location pins so it’s easy to follow.

Apple Pay screen
Apple Card’s display on the Wallet App

New Apple support

One of the greatest features with the Apple Card that I’m sure we’ll see other credit cards trying to imitate soon is their new support feature. You no longer need to stay on hold for hours waiting to talk to someone about some issue with your card. You can simply send them a message.

Customer support
Being able to text for support is a game-changer

Worldwide usage

The reach of Apple Pay is constantly growing, currently reaching more than 70% of the US and even more in other countries (such as Canada, the UK, Australia and more). On top of this, Apple intend to have Apple Pay available in an additional 40 countries by the end of the year. In the case of being somewhere that does not support Apple Pay, don’t worry, Apple has thought of that too.

Apple Pay coverage
Apple is planning to reach 40+ countries by the end of 2019

Paper or plastic? I’ll use titanium.

In the Case that you’re somewhere that Apple Pay isn’t accepted, there’s a physical card that you can use. Unlike other credit cards, it has no numbers on it and no signature either, just an apple logo and your name both laser etched into your new card. The only downside is that since it’s releaese, people have noticed that the card doesn’t do well with leather.

Apple Card
The new Apple Card, made from titanium and without any number

New Rewards system

Apple decided not to go for a confusing points system like most credit cards do. Instead, they have the simplest rewards system I’ve seen and it’s called Daily Cash. Daily cash gives you cash back everyday, not every month, everyday. The cash that you get back can be used just like real cash, whether it’s to pay of a debt or to send to someone else, there are no restrictions and the amount you can receive per day is unlimited. Sadly the physical card only offers 1% on daily cash which is quite low compared to it’s competitors.

Daily Cash
Daily cash-back, not every month, everyday

Obtainable goals

Apple Card’s goal, unlike other credit cards, is to make it easier for you to pay down your debt. They’ve acheived this by having no fees, even hidden ones as well as having a low interest rate. On top of this, there are no penalty interest rates if you miss a payment and also clear and simple ways for you to determine how much you pay to help you save on paying interest.

The Verdict

Apple Card looks like a promising future. Reinventing the credit card will make banks rethink what they offer us in the future. It also makes paying debt seem incredibly easy which, let’s be honest, is incredibly dangerous! For me personally, I’m going to wait a few months to see what happens, if it’s as good as they advertise then I will 100% be getting one!

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